A short introduction to ES...

Our award winning Training Administration Software and LMS solution will help you to:

Transform your Business Processes

ES TAS provides full back-office organisational support. End-to-end management of the sale and delivery of learning, of all delivery types. Automated administration, resourcing, material ordering, invoicing, evaluation, ecommerce, sales pipeline, finance.

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Transform your Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power. Gain competitive advantage using customer feedback and course ratings. Know your exact course profitability, real time. Track and encourage course optimisation with real time reports and targeted communication features.

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Transform your Profitability

We don’t ever like to get too serious, but it’s a must when it comes to compliance. Gone are the days of handling such complexity on spreadsheets – we’ll help you keep your sanity by allowing you to track and report on your staffs’ compliance levels, via our Compliance Manager Solution, all at a click of a button. Then if someone just needs a little refresher training, a 15 minute e-Learning course might do the trick.

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Transform your Customer Service

Provide your customers with dedicated log-ins so they can view purchase, evaluation and attendance reports for their staff, real-time. For Managed Service Clients go the extra mile and provide a dedicated LMS, integrating your own catalogue alongside those of your 3rd part suppliers, making it so easy for your customers to purchase from you, why would they go elsewhere?

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