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  • Webinar: Augmented memory and combatting the forgetting curve

    Published by Wes Maynard

    February’s webinar is focused on augemented memory and how you can combat the forgetting curve. It is proven that we forget 90% of what we learn within 7 days if we don’t use techniques and processes to aid retention. Additionally, without practice, reflection and effort we will always be a…

  • Webinar : Supporting CPD in the Workplace

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    January’s webinar was on Encouraging and Supporting CPD in the workplace. The changing face of learning and development, the competitiveness of the job market, and the need for organisations to attract and retain talent, mean that supporting employee Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is being seen by savvy employers as an…

  • Webinar : Encouraging CPD and Lifelong Learning in the workplace

    Published by Josh Wright

    We will be hosting this months webinar on the 24th January at 12:30pm This webinar will cover: Encouraging CPD and Lifelong Learning in the workplace What is Continuing Professional Development? Champion Excellence – make your organisation excel. Building a culture of learning and improvement The role of the Manager and…

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    ‘xAPI: What is it and how it is shaping eLearning & Development’ Webinar Video

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Missed the xAPI webinar? Wishing you could revisit some of topics discussed? Don’t worry! You can catch up on everything you missed at your convenience here.  xAPI – What it is and how it is shaping eLearning and development from Enterprise Study on Vimeo. If you’re interested in discussing…

  • Webinar: What is xAPI and how is it shaping eLearning and Development?

    Published by Nick De Jong

    On Tuesday 5th December, Enterprise Study are hosting an ‘xAPI – What is it and how is it shaping eLearning and Development’ webinar, offering organisations a valuable insight into xAPI and how it is shaping eLearning and Development in business. During the webinar, we will look at the differences between…

  • Webinar : Compliance and Learning, an Integrated Solution

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Topics covered were: Integrating compliance and learning Bringing policies, company values and compliance into the learning mix Making compliance less of a “tick box” exercise by using the xAPI (TinCan) Real examples from Scottish Power and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust If you missed the webinar and would like to…

  • Webinar : How to make your LMS cost-neutral

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Did you know you can use your LMS to pay for itself and generate increased revenue? If you are interested in discovering the range of benefits that your LMS can bring to your organisation. The webinar covered • LMS Overview and benefits (for any non-using organisations) • Using your LMS…

  • Webinar: How to make your Healthcare LMS cost-neutral

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    This webinar is in the past. Please contact if you would like a copy of the recording If you are considering providing training to individuals or companies outside of your own organisation then this is the webinar for you. We will look at the ways to easily monetise your…

  • Improving Employee Compliance to Lower Costs Webinar

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    We recently ran a webinar titled ‘Improving Employee Compliance to Lower Costs’ on Wednesday 19th July. The webinar covered a range of vital compliance components including how you can provide the necessary training for staff, setting alerts and reminders for key qualification dates, and recording and reporting on compliance in…

  • Webinar : Making apprenticeships work for you

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Has your organisation been affected by the Apprenticeship Levy? Are you an employer, aiming to provide the most effective and efficient apprenticeships? Talking to our clients, we’ve heard that the top 3 concerns so far are: MULTIPLE LEARNING PATHWAYS and how to manage them ENGAGING apprentices and getting them on…


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