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  • Learning Culture

    How to build a learning culture that increases your company’s bottom line

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Learning has a crucial role to play in the growth and development of a business. Challenges of innovation and efficiency mean that organisations today face a constant need to evolve, to change and to think outside the box in order to retain a competitive advantage. A learning programme can help…

  • Enterprise Study – Corporate Social Responsibility Day

    Published by Josh Wright

    Where did we volunteer? On Monday 26th March, the team at Enterprise Study participated in a volunteering day down at Stroud Court Community Trust, who provide lifelong, residential support for up to 39 autistic adults. Stroud Court have a very unique offering, with beautiful scenery and environment which provided a…

  • Extended Enterprise Training

    Could Extended Enterprise Learning offer a range of benefits to your business?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Improvement and evolution are at the core of success for any organisation. Developing new ways to strengthen relationships, improve productivity and introduce efficiencies can change the prospects for businesses, large or small. If you’re looking for an opportunity to increase revenues and productivity then extended enterprise learning has a range…

  • CIPD Learning and Development Show

    Where can you find us at the CIPD Learning and Development Show?

    Published by Wes Maynard

    The CIPD Learning and Development Show takes place this month at the Olympia in London from 25th to 26th April. The event is designed to be somewhere to find out about the latest developments and thinking in L&D – so, naturally, Enterprise Study will be there. What is the CIPD…

  • LearningNetwork

    How could LearningNetwork boost productivity for your organisation?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Nurturing productivity is crucial to success for any organisation. Inefficient systems and unproductive work processes can slow workflow down, increase costs and distract from more value adding tasks. LearningNetwork provides an L&D department with the opportunity to improve efficiency and introduce a more cost effective way to handle course booking…

  • LearningNetwork

    Introducing LearningNetwork: What you need to know

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    A centralised system for booking public courses – that is easily integrated with an existing LMS – is an ideal solution to the challenges that many organisations face when it comes to the booking element of learning administration. That’s why LearningNetwork is a good looking solution for any enterprise keen…

  • Train Your Brain

    Making Learning Stick; tips for Knowledge Retention

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Knowledge retention is all about taking the time and effort that has gone into learning and giving it some longevity. According to pioneering psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, we lose 70% of new information within just 24 hours if we don’t make an effort to retain it. If you’re putting care and…

  • Workplace Productivity

    How to improve your workplace productivity

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Workplace productivity is a key driver in business success. Motivated employees who perform well can speed an organisation into growth and profit – while unproductive and demotivated employees can slow the business down. Enhancing workplace productivity is a key part of strategy for most organisations today – and there are…

  • Technology Learning

    Learning paths – How can technology support your career pathway?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    In the modern working world we are all very much responsible for our own career pathways. Jobs for life are gone – and with them the restrictions that could have prevented learning and growth for those without a specific qualification or experience. Today, the world is very much your learning…


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