The richness of information provided by ES LMS stands out. I can generate a few key reports for managers whilst reporting at team level; this is very powerful and allows for strong governance.

Ian MacKenzie, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Ian MacKenzie, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

We have more learning management and compliance features than you can shake a stick at. We've been around a while, we've listened to our customers and we've innovated in line with industry trends. All of our features can be switched on and off, this allows for a user friendly experience and keeps things clean and tidy - just how we like them! We continually add to this features page, so keep checking back as the list grows.


Administration Features

  • Fully branded portal
  • Create public or closed (on-site) courses, or a mixture of both
  • Manage Training projects and rollouts for clients
  • Package and Blend different learning types into one learning path.
  • Tracking event capacity - High and Low fill
  • Resource Management including: instructors, locations, rooms and training materials
  • Up to 6 levels of customisable workflow routes (booking and budget authorisation)– define at overall or course level
  • Manage user registration and enrolment including new starter email for quick start guides
  • Private course permissions – control who can see what in the course catalogue
  • Unlimited number of user roles and individual permission access
  • Manage profit and loss
  • Manage departmental and internal cross charging
  • Manage price lists including multiple currency
  • Manage cancellation and transfer charges
  • Configure pre-requisite requirements
  • Unlimited number of user fields
  • Create tasks or set reminders for yourself and your admin team
  • Snapshot views of courses coming up this week, next week, or in two weeks
  • Send course descriptions and event information
  • Manage multiple templates e.g. joining instructions certificates, reminders etc.
  • Personalised automated communication or post queues (for users with no email addresses)
  • Group teams, courses or create mailing lists
  • Control waitlists on courses with no or full events (controlled at course level)
  • Upload document templates
  • Programme management and Skill Pathways
  • Exam tracking and recording
  • Bundle items such as mileage and hotel expenses
  • Configure proxy settings for delegating authorisation tasks
  • Accessible via mobile phones and tablets

Automated Communication

  • Fully branded email and Word templates
  • Audit trails
  • Automated skills reminders
  • Post queue
  • SMS feature for mobile communications
  • Certificates
  • Joining instructions
  • Diary attachment
  • Pre and post course recommended learning and requisites
  • Evaluations
  • Notification of cancellations and transfers
  • Delegate lists
  • Sign-in sheets
  • New starter welcome email
  • Authorisation emails
  • Appraisal reminders
  • Invoice and credit chasing


  • Custom report builder
  • Complete data extract using the Reporting Services connector
  • Report subscriptions (receive reports by emails instead of logging in)
  • Mark reports as favourites for ease of access
  • 90+ standard reports including:
  • Internal and external booking
  • Appraisals
  • Assessments
  • Certification
  • Customers
  • eLearning
  • Marketing
  • Evaluations
  • Operations
  • Personal development
  • Finance
  • Tasks
  • Internal user


  • Create multiple templates at global or course level
  • Evaluate up to 6 levels
  • Calculate % of increased knowledge and recruiting performance
  • Capture line manager feedback
  • Business Impact report as standard
  • Create unlimited bank of question and answer types
  • Easily print for paper-based, or record online
  • Control number of reminders and frequency
  • Create questions at course level

Online Bookings & Authorisation

  • User self service
  • Links with HR info
  • Tailored workflow
  • Multiple authorisation and sign-off
  • Visibility of capacity
  • Waitlist management
  • Sell externally
  • Update attendance and competence

Workflow Configuration

  • Bespoke workflows based on course
  • Supports up to 6 workflow routes
  • Connects with HR info

Role Management

  • Design your own user roles to tailor what people can see and do
  • Instructor permission for attendance updating
  • Restrict your course portfolio to a subset of roles


  • Record training outside the workplace in relation to job role
  • Automatically displayed on your appraisal
  • Report on number of training hours completed by each staff member
  • Authorisation workflow for external training
  • Staff self-service
  • Maintain any external training in one place
  • Capture details from professional memberships, conferences and publications

External Training

  • Find your own external supplier
  • User self-service
  • In-built internal authorisation
  • External training request form


  • Line managers can add training into a PDP with an expiry date
  • Automatically displayed on your appraisal
  • PDP built from catalogue or non catalogue items
  • Report on targets met


  • SCORM, AICC and xAPI content
  • E-Learning courses have a separate graphic for ease of navigation
  • Pull in information from other E-Learning providers via the eLearning import tool
  • Report on % completion rates and pass/fail
  • Integrates with Skillsoft and Pluralsight

Video Learning

  • Supports a variety of formats including MOV, MP4, MPG, FLV, and MP3 audio
  • Upload straight to ES or host on your own network
  • Connects to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Split videos into modules and chapters
  • Launch publicly or privately

Classroom Learning

  • Create an unlimited number of classroom courses
  • Easily publish event schedules on one easy to use screen
  • Set event capacity and booking cut off periods
  • Separate 'attendance' and 'competency' selection
  • Course description and content tabs
  • 'Email to a friend' feature

Assessment Manager

  • Unlimited randomised questions
  • Group hard, medium and easy questions together
  • Supports single and multiple choice answers
  • Assessment introduction and outcome message
  • Enable or disable 'back' button
  • Set number of attempts
  • Version control and 'test'/'live' setting
  • View correct/incorrect answers (Admin and Line Managers)
  • Report on success rates per question

Compliance Manager

  • Easy to use red, amber and green competencies
  • Dashboard of your teams' compliance
  • Drill down to subordinate teams
  • Configure who needs what
  • View date of skill expiry
  • Automated reminder emails
  • Attach multiple attainment methods to skills
  • Toggle between face to face or eLearning skill refreshers

Appraisal Manager

  • Multiple appraisal templates, dependant on role
  • Reminder emails to appraisee and appraiser
  • Captures organisational and personal objectives
  • Rate and analyse Behaviours, competencies, Values, Objectives
  • Review and access throughout the year
  • View previous appraisals
  • Formal sign off process and audit trails
  • Nine-box grid for Talent Management
  • Sliding scale rating process
  • 2 way ratings for appraisee and appraiser
  • Appraisal compliance dashboard of immediate and subordinate teams

E-Commerce Manager

  • Sell courses externally online
  • Supports credit card, purchase order, vouchers and pre-payment
  • Links to WorldPay for online payment
  • Cancellation and transfer charges automatically calculated
  • Full invoice generation and credit chasing facility
  • Supports discounting and multiple price lists (per customer)
  • Multi-currency
  • Profit and loss

Policy & Verification Manager

  • Document or Activity Sign-off
  • Track Acknowledgement
  • Manage document or Policies and ensure reading and understanding
  • User and Manager controlled workflow

Coaching and Supervisions

  • Incorporate Coaching/Mentioning into learning paths or manage independently
  • Coaching Dashboards
  • Diary Integration
  • Acknowledge and track supervisory work sessions
eLearning Learning