Webinar : Compliance and Learning, an Integrated Solution

Published by Shona Fletcher

Topics covered were: Integrating compliance and learning Bringing policies, company values and compliance into the learning mix Making compliance less of a “tick box” exercise by using the xAPI (TinCan) Real examples from Scottish Power and Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust If you missed the webinar and would like to…

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    Webinar: What is xAPI and how is it shaping eLearning and Development?

    Published by Nick De Jong

    On Tuesday 5th December, Enterprise Study are hosting an ‘xAPI – What is it and how is it shaping eLearning and Development’ webinar, offering organisations a valuable insight into xAPI and how it is shaping eLearning and Development in business. During the webinar, we will look at the differences between…

  • What is unique about an Extended Enterprise LMS for your business?

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Learning management is an essential component in progress for many businesses. However, the importance of LMS for the Extended Enterprise can be easily overlooked. The reality is that internal staff and those who make up the Extended Enterprise of a business have very different learning needs and the only way…

  • compliance to regulation process standard industry company

    Whitepaper: Compliance: Facing up to your responsibilities

    Published by Wes Maynard

    A practical guide to simplifying your compliance risks using an LMS.   Using an LMS for Compliance Guaranteeing that the skills and knowledge of your staff is 100% up to date is challenging, difficult even, but not impossible. This paper will consider some key issues around improving your employee skills…

  • Compliant Contractors

    How can your LMS help to ensure that your contractors are working in a compliant way?

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Managing your contractors is often trickier than managing your in-house team as communication can be more difficult. However, this doesn’t remove the fact that all your contractors are required to work in a compliant way, just the same as your full-time staff members. Therefore it is important to train and…

  • ComplianceiStock

    Using your LMS for Compliance

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    If you are looking to improve the skills compliance of your organisation using an LMS for compliance data is a great way of managing this process. Compliance is an essential part of modern business, especially if you work in a heavily regulated industry or an industry where safety is paramount….

  • Compliance, Office Binder on Wooden Desk

    Compliance Health Check Survey and Audit

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Compliance is an essential part of modern business, especially if you work in a heavily regulated industry or an industry where safety is paramount. Now more than ever, directors are accountable for guaranteeing that their staff are qualified, skilled and following the correct policies and procedures. Your company’s reputation, liability,…

  • Learning Management System

    How can you manage learning for your contractors and agency staff through your LMS?

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Along with training your in-house staff, it is just as important to manage the learning of your contractors and agency staff who are often representing your company and brand to your customers. This will help to avoid a disjointed feeling for your customers and ensure the highest possible levels of…

  • Conceptual keyboard - Learning Management System (blue key)

    How can using an Extended Enterprise LMS drive profit for your company?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Whether you are training your own staff, or expanding to sell training courses externally, everyone learns differently, and you need an LMS that not only accepts this, but embraces it. When it comes to extended enterprise, the right Extended Enterprise LMS has the power to transform your training department into…

  • LMS learning management system

    What features of LMS are essential for managing learning for contractors?

    Published by Shona Fletcher

    Working with contractors is great as it allows you to explore a range of opportunities that you might not have the resources in-house to undertake otherwise. Unfortunately, many LMS do not include contractors, as the systems are usually populated through your internal HR system, which means that only contacts on…

  • LMS for Compliance Training

    5 ways that using your LMS for compliance training is beneficial

    Published by Wes Maynard

    Companies across different industries deal with a wide range of different regulations globally. Keeping up to date with these is important in order to remain fully compliant and therefore, regularly reviewing your training is a great way to manage this. Did you know that using your LMS can be beneficial…