During the implementation process the ES team were incredibly helpful and continue to be so. They understand our organisation and made what could have been a very stressful process run smoothly.

Ian MacKenzie, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Ian MacKenzie, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Implementation and Support

We don’t just leave you to access your application and hope for the best.  We like to get into the nuts and bolts of your organisation and processes - our customers see us as an extended version of their own team. We make sure the TAS or LMS implementation process is managed and you are supported throughout and beyond.  This is why our customers really love us.


How do we achieve this?

  • Discover

    We start from a checklist of features and options to make you aware of the richness of functionality available to you. This is followed up with a workshop to review your current processes and agree the best way to utilise your new system to support and improve those processes. We encourage involvement from all key stakeholders at this stage to ensure there are no surprises further into the project. Communication is key to managing the changes the LMS implementation will bring about.

  • Build

    Having agreed exactly what will be delivered, we then build your solution to include all your chosen options. This includes any customisations for branding, email content and so on. Any data imports you need will be checked to verify that they conform to the correct standards. We will then write a user acceptance test script to check that all your customisations are in place and functioning correctly.

  • Verify

    Once the build is complete, the next step of the TAS or LMS implementation is to give you access to your solution on a test server and help you to familiarise yourself with it. We arrange a UAT session to ensure you are happy to give sign off for the project and are ready to move to the rollout.

  • Rollout

    A training session is conducted, usually over three days, for the key users. This will not only cover all the major functional areas, but also include guidance on how this will be used in conjunction with your processes. Once the training session is complete we will make your solution available on the live environment, giving assistance as required with initial tasks and getting started. The LMS implementation team hand over to the support team so they are fully briefed on your solution and are able to support you from day one.

  • Review

    We will ask you to evaluate your training course and also the implementation project itself. As well as reviewing each project internally, we welcome feedback from our clients to help us to refine our processes. One you have had time to see the benefits you were looking for, we will discuss writing a case study to share your experiences with a wider audience.


We pride ourselves on providing first class support to all our clients. Whoever you deal with in the support team, they will listen carefully to your questions and offer the best advice and guidance. You will be kept informed of any issues which need further investigation right through to resolution. The team are open, friendly, accessible, and they consistently get great feedback from clients, as evidenced by our regular customer satisfaction surveys. New clients are encouraged to use the support team as part of the rollout phase and they find this a smooth transition from LMS implementation as the support team are already familiar with their solution and processes. To find out a little more about the day to day running of the support help desk, take a look at Alex's blog.

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