What makes a great training provider?

Choosing the right training provider is a lot more important than many people realise. This will not only influence the experience that learners have when it comes to the training but also the outcomes that are likely to be achieved. A great training provider can support the growth of a business by providing insight and learning structure designed to fuel expansion and innovation. So, what are the most essential qualities to look for if you’re going to pick the right one?

Training content that is customisable

One size fits all is rarely effective when it comes to training – learners need to be able to customise it to make it relevant to their own individual circumstances. While elements of any training programme will always be standardised, having the ability to customise certain components is essential because it will enable a business to make the training more relevant to what it does.

Foundation and follow up

It’s often what takes place on either side of the training itself that has the most impact when it comes to how effectively the training sticks. Foundation work takes place before the training itself and usually requires learning to do some preparation for the sessions and consider specific questions. The follow up should be designed to embed whatever the content of the training was, to give learners ways to retain the information acquired and start putting it into practice.

Multi channel, flexible learning options

Learning that can only happen in a classroom is very restrictive these days. A good training provider should be able to offer training across multiple channels, from webinars and video, to online Q&A sessions and podcasts. Generally, the more varied the channels available the better – learners are much more likely to absorb and retain information if it is delivered in a variety of interesting ways.

The ability to track progress

This will be essential, not just for learners themselves, but also for the business to be able to maintain perspective on the progress that learners are making. Analytics that show training take up, how quickly it was completed and which modules were accessed provides essential insight for businesses looking to refine training choices on an ongoing basis.  Without the ability to track progress it’s almost impossible to measure whether investment in training is delivering any return.

Great, relevant content

Any good training provider will recognise the importance of delivering relevant, quality content that has been designed to help deliver on learning outcomes. It’s always worth evaluating the quality of the content in advance if you’re looking to ensure the training provider you’re considering has the tools that you need.

Customer service

Just like any other service provider, those in the training sector should be able to deliver on communication, clarity and follow up. You may need support implementing the programme, or to have certain aspects explained, so it’s essential that the customer service is high quality.

These are just some of the key elements that point to a great training provider.

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