The use of AI learning

The use of AI is increasing as more businesses across industries start to appreciate the benefits of integrating it into systems and services. Today, many of us don’t even realise that we are interacting with an AI, whether that’s via a smart speaker or by taking search and recommendation options presented on our favourite shopping sites. AI is essentially using machine learning to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. An AI can learn as it goes, train and improve both itself and the systems it interacts with. But what does the increasing use of AI mean for the learning and development sector?

Adaptive learning tailored to the individual

AI offers the opportunity to move away from one size fits all learning, providing individually tailored learning strategies that are specific to learner need. It can do this by leveraging insights collected and analysed from vast swathes of data, using factors such as past behaviours to predict current need. Technology that enables data to be crunched in this way will be crucial to using AI to evolve learning and development.

Chatbots as teaching assistants

AI effectively enables humans and computers to communicate – many businesses, such as banks and insurance companies, are already using chatbots as a customer service tool. These chatbots are able to handle enquiries and answer basic questions – in a learning context initial programmes have found that the use of chatbots can help to reduce dropout rates. Using chatbots as teaching assistants could improve learning services as well as the experience for learners.

AI tutors

The costs involved in automating training elements through AI have always been prohibitive in terms of rolling this out to mainstream businesses. However, these costs are starting to fall, making the idea of automating training with an AI tutor much more accessible. Schemes designed around this idea have already proven successful – for example, the US Navy ran a pilot scheme to train new recruits in IT skills with an AI tutor. The scheme compared results for those learning with the digital tutor and those learning via more traditional methods and found that the AI tutor group performed better across the board.

Creating and personalising content

An AI can be designed to extract key information and craft it into content that can be used in digital learning. Thanks to the processing power of AI a huge range of sources can be incorporated so that content used has much more depth. The use of an AI can also be applied to existing content to augment it, adding new information and insight to help extend the life of an existing course. Perhaps most importantly, AI can also enable greater personalisation of content and course structures. Personalised course content improves engagement and delivers a better learning experience.

AI has plenty to offer the L&D world and could be used to make improvements to areas that have traditionally caused issues for training administrators and learners alike. It’s a powerful tool that has the potential to be truly transformative.

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