Does your training encourage repeat business?

Customer loyalty is the pot of gold at the end of the business rainbow. A loyal customer base helps to support business growth and development and attract others to the brand. Loyal customers also cost less – according to the Harvard Business Review, it’s 5 - 25 times more expensive to secure a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. So, repeat business is crucial to any organisation – and training has a big role to play in securing it.

How can training play a role in repeat business?

Firstly, investing in training for your workforce can be crucial to delivering the kind of customer service that engages consumers. This can have an impact at many different points of contact, from upselling products through to the way that your staff treat your customers. However, training is also something that the business can provide to existing customers to help strengthen the relationship that has been established and to add more value on an ongoing basis.

Training your customers to achieve repeat business

Providing genuinely useful information to customers is one of the best ways to engage them with your brand and also to ensure that you stand out from the competition. Engagement is what drives sales and keeps customers coming back to the same company. There are a number of ways in which providing training to customers can be both relevant and productive, for the customer and for the brand.

Product related training

When you’re able to teach customers how to use your product properly you’re increasing the chances of satisfaction with what they have purchased. Customers are much more likely to be able to use the product and to see all the features that add the most value to their experience with it. Providing product related training shows customers that your brand cares about their experience even after the sale has taken place.

Positioning your brand as an expert

Offering training to customers elevates the relationship beyond a simple buyer and seller interaction. Now, you’re offering something more and positioning your business as an expert able to provide useful and important information. It’s these subtle shifts in the relationship between brand and customer that can help to create the kind of loyalty that results in repeat business.

Training can save everyone time – and your business money

Providing training is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the number of calls to your customer service team. Maintaining this resource is likely to be costing your business money and there are ample opportunities for customers to become frustrated if they have to contact customer services to ask a question or solve a problem. Simple training that is designed to help customers overcome the most common issues and deal with the most frequently asked questions can be beneficial for the business, and also the consumer experience.

There are many different ways to integrate training into your business to improve loyalty. From training that relates to the release of a new product, to that which is designed to support cross-selling there is a lot that any brand can do to use it to grow.

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