What are the benefits of online training software?

Online systems represent the future of training. Not only is this type of Learning Management System one of the most cost effective ways to ensure that you get the best return on learning investment but administration is much easier too. With online training software in place, a much more versatile range of options exists when it comes to training delivery and topics. If you’re considering online training software for your business, these are some of the key benefits that may help you to make the switch.

Maintaining employee retention

A Glassdoor survey found that 80% of employees rate the opportunity to train and learn as one of the reasons to choose an organisation, stay with an employer – or to leave if those opportunities don’t exist. So, for businesses looking to attract the best employees, and to retain those already within the business, investment in online training software could be key to avoiding expensive high attrition rates.

Give employees a way to enhance their daily experience

Almost any job in any environment can become monotonous after a while. Providing online training software with options that employees can access themselves is a great way to bring some diversity into every day. Immersive, interactive learning helps to stimulate the mind and will give your workforce new tools that they can apply to every day tasks to get more from their daily workload.

Use online training software as the foundation for a learning culture

The businesses that tend to experience the most growth are those that are constantly evolving and developing. Innovation, ideas and employee progression are all tied into learning and development. Putting online training software at the heart of the business will enable a learning culture to build up around it that encourages employees to improve themselves and their skills and to contribute more to the business too.

A little healthy competition

Employers have been using competition to motivate employees for decades and the gamification of learning and training systems is a great way to harness this. Many options for online training software today come with inbuilt gamification tools that can be used to drive internal competitiveness to meet goals and objectives.

Bespoke learning journeys

One of the biggest benefits of online training software is the options it presents for creating individual learning journeys for employees. Automation and personalisation within training software mean that employees can choose their own path and travel along it at their own pace. Not only does this ensure that learning style and speed is suited to that employee but also that they are more likely to stay the course.

Administration and cost reduction

Online training software provides total transparency about training initiatives offered and who is making use of them. Data gathered from the software can show where savings can be made and both cost and time burdens can be reduced thanks to efficiency features such as automation.

These are just some of the benefits of investing in online training software for your business.

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