Using After-Sales support to retain customers

Sales today is less about a quick conversion and much more about crafting ongoing relationships that continue to deliver mutual benefits. Key to that is developing the kind of after sales support that works hard to retain customers. An existing customer is worth much more to a business than a new customer (it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than retain an existing one) and building a loyal customer base is essential to growth in any industry. So, what part does after sales support have to play and what are the benefits?

The benefits of investing in after sales support

Avoiding buyer’s remorse

Especially where a purchase has been costly, buyers may often experience doubts when the process of sales has come to an end. With the right after sales support, you’ll not only be able to ensure that clients are well informed when it comes to updates and additional information but that they feel valued by the business too.

Loyalty and leads

Taking care of your customers after they have handed over their money provides a firm foundation on which to build loyalty. It’s also crucial when it comes to positive referrals – the more valued the customer feels, the more likely they are to recommend you to others.


After sales support can also act as a process of gathering feedback on the sales process, whether it was effective, what customers liked and – possibly even more importantly – what they found difficult or were dissatisfied about. This kind of knowledge will be key to making your sales process even more effective in future.

Tips for honing after sales support

Make contact and ask questions

It’s essential to find out what your customer’s experience was during the sales process, whether they are happy with what they have purchased and what they think could have been done differently. So, getting in touch early and asking key questions will be crucial.

Consider a face-to-face approach

If that’s not feasible due to commitments or distance then look into video calling or speaking on the phone. You’re much more likely to be able to start building relationships when there is real interaction, as opposed to relying on messages sent via email.

Assess your customer service offering

It’s essential that you have sound customer service available so that after sales questions and queries can be swiftly dealt with. Is it simple for customers to get in touch with you once the sale has gone through or do you only provide customer service to those consumers who haven’t yet converted?

Ask what you can do to help

If there are issues or problems, deal with these quickly and ask questions about how improvements can be made, as opposed to trying to silence your critics.

Think ahead

The best after sales support is always underpinned by an attitude of anticipating what your customers are likely to need next and suggesting solutions. If you’re one step ahead then your customers are never waiting for you to catch up.

After sales support is essential for brands looking to build a loyal customer base and retain customers.

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