The 5 Benefits of using a Training Management System (TMS)

A TMS is designed to put more power in the hands of businesses when it comes to training. This could be establishing better training infrastructure, whether that is with respect to ensuring legal compliance or monitoring individual progress, or facilitating more in-depth management and reporting to support business growth. If you’re looking to opitmise the training resources that you provide then a TMS is going to be an essential tool.

Key benefits of a TMS


1. Track and manage progress

It’s crucial to be able to monitor how your learners are using training systems and a TMS is an essential tool to enable this. From managing and evaluating the progress that employees make when it comes to courses and certifications, to monitoring key skills and abilities that are required to ensure legal compliance, there are many ways in which a TMS enables perspective to be achieved. Automation allows aspects of management to be automated, such as providing notifications when training is required to be undertaken.

2. Streamline training organisation

A TMS provides a wealth of options for better organising the way that training is delivered, including those that can be customised for the individual needs of the business. Training requirements can be assigned to specific groups, for example, and responses tracked and monitored. Rather than working with a number of different systems, a TMS provides a centralised perspective on training within the business to enable the kind of visibility that helps to streamline training operations.

3. Optimise the resources that you have

Whether your resources are large or limited, with a TMS you can make the most of them. Better management of training resources mean that you can do more with less, reducing wasted investment and ensuring that those who are using training resources are really getting the most out of them.

4. Performance updates and reports

The tools available within a TMS provide visibility into performance, which is invaluable when it comes to making decisions about ongoing training investment. Real time data delivers accurate insights into how training is being used, and how users are performing, providing key training metrics that support progress monitoring and allow training resources to be optimised and tailored to need. As this helps to reduce wasted resources, there is also a knock on impact on minimising the cost of training to the business.

5. Improve productivity

Increased efficiency and productivity are easier to nurture where there is a TMS thanks to the structure that it provides and the tools that are available for better training management. From electronic document management through to automated registration and individual tools, such as personalised To Do lists, there are lots of opportunities to enable learners to get more from training when it is being facilitated via a TMS.

A TMS is becoming an increasingly essential tool as learning budgets increase and more businesses see the value of providing organisation-wide training to employees at all levels. From improving productivity to reducing costs, the benefits of investment in a TMS are clear.

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