How employers can encourage life-long learning

There are significant benefits for any employer in encouraging life-long learning among employees. Not only do you create a workforce that is constantly evolving but your staff will feel valued and more engaged with the business. They are also likely to be more able to go above and beyond the minimum that is required for each role, as they will have the confidence and the skills to do more. So, there is great value to creating a working culture where life-long learning is valued – but, as an employer, how do you do it?

Invest in formal training courses for your employees

Training can take many different forms today and there are likely to be multiple options available to your business. Online training infrastructure is one of the most versatile options when it comes to providing training that employees can do at their own pace. This can be tailored via a Learning Management System (LMS) to support the skills and qualifications required for specific roles and the progress that can help employees to move forward in their careers. An LMS also offers ways to monitor employee progress, provide incentives and to get perspective on the value that such a system is delivering to the business overall.


Life-long learning is easy to facilitate via webinars, as these sessions are usually free and accessible via a laptop or desktop. Some of the biggest brand names in the world run learning webinars – such as Google – and allowing employees to log into them can help with understanding and the acquisition of new perspectives and skills. Webinars often target the learning of one specific skill or system, which makes them a great way for employees to improve on something they currently feel that they lack.

Attending conferences

Although there is a cost element involved in offering life-long learning opportunities to employees via conference attendance there can be many benefits too. A conference can provide an intense learning experience – a vast amount of data, sessions and information condensed into a relatively short period of time. Employees who attend conferences regularly can help to keep their employer business up to date with specific issues and may return with fixes and solutions that are cutting edge. Conferences also represent a great opportunity for networking and making new connections in the industry that could lead to expansion for the business as a whole.

Casual life-long learning

Training sessions that are designed around employee schedules are also very popular when it comes to nurturing life-long learning. For example, lunchtime training sessions where food is provided give employees the opportunity to take on skills or information in a more casual environment. Many businesses also use more casual learning sessions to provide updates about the business and to ensure that employees are fully engaged with its progress.

Investing in life-long learning tends to nurture a more engaged and dynamic workforce with the skills to help a business go further. Key to this is providing the right resources, via the right infrastructure, so that you can see genuine return on the learning investments that you make.

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