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Be more profitable and more productive with the ES Training Management System

Enterprise Study’s Training Management System could make you more profitable and more productive. Automate admin processes, reduce time on mundane activities, and spend more time on what your customers need.

By using Enterprise Study Training Management System you could join other Enterprise Study Training Management System customers and save 40% of administration times - time you can reinvest on your customers, your business, your department.

Whether you are moving from another Training Management System or Training Administration System, or looking replace legacy systems, the Enterprise Study Training Management System will ease administration, optimise your processes and provide the Business Analytics you need to transform your training offering.

What our Customers Say about the ES Training Management System

After investing in the Training Management System and seeing the positive business results Phil Holyhead, CEO at Mentor said

“Our  revenue  increased  by  30%  in  the  last  financial  year,  due  to  these  initiatives  and  our  investment  in  the  ES Training Management System.    It’s  great  to  show  real  financial  return!

ES  is  a  cornerstone  to  this  success  as  the  system  gives  us  that  level  of  customer  knowledge,  and  enables  efficient  delivery  of  our  training.”

Blake Henegan, CEO of Optimus Learning, an Managed Learning Service (MLS) provider chose to move from another Training Management System to Enterprise Study in 2017. 

"The system we had up until then was good system for booking training, however, it had its limitations.  We'd moved our business to the next level, and we needed a platform which supported this.

We estimate that the ES Training Management System has saved about 40% of our time.  We annually measure how much time it takes us and customers to make a booking, so can be confident of this number. We've gone from quite a convoluted process with the previous software, to a straightforward process with ES”.

The full interview with Blake can be found here.

Training Management Systems for Organisations

Training Management Systems aren’t just for Training Vendors.  If your organisation deploys training to a wide audience, combines various learning and training methods, needs to manage resources, then a training management system is for you. 

Allow your workforce to take ownership of their learning through self-service features.  Stay in control with booking approval workflow.  Show your employees only the course and programmes suitable to them with audience control and catalogue curation features.  Keep training costs to a minimum with profit and loss analysis.

Our feature rich Training Management System provides:

  • Full Reporting Suite
  • Relevant Integrations
  • Alters and reminders for users and administrators
  • Catalogue Curation features
  • Prerequisite and follow up course suggestions
  • Booking approval workflow
  • eCommerce
  • Resource management
  • Ease of use

And so much more…

Find out more about the power of the Enterprise Study Training Management System and how it can transform your business.