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Integration Consultancy and Development

We understand that the technology learning eco-system varies for every customer.  We understand that in order to reep the benefit of automated workflows and succinct communication paths, connectivity to other platforms and software is essential. We also appreciate that for some “out of the box” just isn’t a viable option.

We provide consultancy and guidance to customers on all aspects of integration within their learning ecosystem, from technical activities and data management to best workflows for different projects. We will design, build and develop interfaces, deliver data migrations and undertake technical specialist activity connecting our core systems to your learning ecosystem.

By using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect to your other systems, our Systems Integration Specialists enable new functionality, process automation and succinct data handling.

All of our customers have the opportunity to recommend development for our product roadmap, but for some tailored, commissioned development of the LMS or TMS is preferred.

Following Prince2 project management and Agile development methodologies throughout, Enterprise Study will work with you to scope your project and analyse the detail of tailored development or integration required. 

For more information on recent development projects view our case studies.