Training Administration System

Transform your training business with a Complete Back Office Training Administration System (TAS).

Our Award winning training administration software will help training providers develop, schedule and publish events and content, as stand alone or as blended learning programmes to multiple clients.

Transform your Business Processes

Achieve your business transformation goals by automating workflow processes.

  • Reduce the time and cost of scheduling and pricing your training programme quickly create, resource and price training events.
  • Reduce cost of communications and promote a positive customer experience deliver timely and automated electronic communication to your delegates and associate trainers.
  • Improve cash flow and reduce cost of finance handling – with an online payment collection capability using third parties such as WorldPay
  • Deliver a global sales offering without having to change your system for each market – with full multi-currency financial control.

Transform your Business Intelligence

Knowledge is power! Gain competitive advantage with useful business intelligence data, available at your fingertips.

  • Track sales performance, catalogue effectiveness, resource management, event profitability and financial strength - detailed standard and customisable Reporting feature.
  • Build your long term business and profitability - report on future opportunity and sales pipeline.
  • Track optimisation - Optimise delegate attendance and cancellations - wait lists and cancellations management.

Transform your Profitability

Manage all levels of your financial process. Provide discounts, voucher schemes, partner collaboration, all with the ES TAS system.

  • Optimise use of resources and drive event profitability – clear planning and management of instructors, venues and other resources.
  • Build additional revenue streams and add value to customers – offer a Managed Service solution using the ES Client Portal module.
  • Win every sales opportunity and improve customer loyalty - integrate with complimentary training providers’ courses through the LearningNetwork module to ensure a complete offering.
  • Reduce administration overheads of selling training - booking process supports invoice generation across a range of different payment methods.

The solution is underpinned by an in depth knowledge of both sellers and buyers of training to promote best practice for TAS users. The system supports the publishing of an online catalogue of bookable events and outsourced managed training services (using our Client Portal Module).