Spot the star performers and manage the ones that need a little bit more help. We’ve developed a suite of performance management tools to help your develop your workforce and mange your talent.

Whether you're looking to digitalize your current paper based process, have identified a coaching need, or just want to track the performance of your workforce, the following modules will give you everything you need at your fingertips.

Appraisal Manager

Appraisals should be engaging – make sure your managers are doing them when they should be, and give your staff the power to self-service.

  • Set organisational and individual objectives
  • Automated reminders to appraiser and appraisee
  • Plots employee performance against potential on nine-box grid matrix
  • The appraisal pulls through Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Personal Development Plans (PDP) and their compliance statistics too

Performance Manager

Monitoring performance and tracking training ROI has historically been a difficult challenge. By using this feature not only can you capture business justification as to why a person wants to attend the training course or digital training event, you can analyse the knowledge pre-course compared to post-course, and how the person has taken their new found knowledge and applied it in the workplace.

  • A detailed % improvement analysis report makes it easy for you to identify knowledge retention by question, question group or person
  • Send any number of evaluation reminders ensuring people fill out their online evaluation – there’s no escape!
  • By analysing skills fade 6 to 9 months after a training event, it will allow you to adjust content or approach staff for refresher training
  • Capture line manager feedback pre and post course

Coaching Manager

Coaching is recognised in the 70:20:10 model as an essential way of developing capability. You can combine it with a classroom session to reinforce the learning process and aid retention over time.

  • Bundle one or more coaching sessions to a classroom course
  • Instructor dashboard for managing their coaching sessions
  • Diary integration to make it super easy to schedule coaching sessions
  • Report on progress