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Whether you are managing statutory & mandatory training, knowledge for capability assessments, or simply ensuring your staff have the skills required to undertake the job at hand, the Enterprise Study Compliance Management Suite will ensure you have the tools required to keep your organisation on track.

We have reports, charts, and reminders – everything to make this easy. You can define what skills people need at a granular level using our skills matrix which automatically lets everyone know what they need and when.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management

Keep your regulatory bodies happy by tracking and evidencing your staffs’ statutory and mandatory compliance levels.

  • Reduce insurance premiums by reporting on organisational compliance, department, team, and individual compliance – they can run but they can’t hide!
  • It’s as simple as red, amber, green – automated reminders are sent before skill expiry, and we’ll even copy in the line manager for the naughty ones that go red
  • Links to the learning modules and automatically updates skills on attendance and competence

Assessment Manager

Why put someone through a long training session when you can test their knowledge through a short 15 minute assessment?

  • Reduce risk of litigation by ensuring regular assessment of statutory and mandatory training (works great alongside Compliance Manager)
  • Busy, noisy workplace? Staff can access the assessments from the comfort of their own home if needs be
  • Assessments are created by you, using a bank of your own questions, allowing you to tailor the content to your own organisation
  • The questions and responses are randomised – group hard, medium, or easy questions together
  • Ensure certain questions are always asked by making them compulsory
Assessment Management

Assessment Management

Verification & Policy Manager

Educate your employees on your policies and procedures, no matter where in the world they are based. Verify contractor and staff documentation through tracked and audited workflow. Reduce knowledge gaps through assessment and suggested learning, mitigating the risk associated with non-compliance.

  • Quickly and simply notify employees of policy updates, ensuring compliance with employer obligations and legislation e.g. Data Protection, Health and Safety, Equality & Diversity, Anti-bribery, Cyber security .
  • Encourage employee's ownership and responsibility for their knowledge with programmable expiry dates and notifications.
  • Target policies or verification to an individual job role or department.
  • Formalise contractor sign-up to ensure your company values and processes are being followed by all representatives.

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