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Choosing an LMS for Compliance Training

A skilled and knowledgeable workforce is vital to the success of any organisation, but for those in heavily regulated industries and industries where safety is paramount, compliance - of legislation, best practice, skills, qualifications or certifications - is equally significant.

Without the right platform to manage compliance, unscheduled audits can bring productivity to a halt, the organisation cannot guarantee it is meeting its regulatory responsibilities, and employees and customers may be at risk.

An LMS for Compliance should support 4 core business needs:

                1. To provide confidence and proof that the organisation is compliant

                2. To encourage a culture of compliance, supporting responsibility at all levels of the business

                3. To support a range of delivery methods, as defined by the business

                4. To enable compliance at all times, not just at the point of training.

Our LMS for compliance meets these requirements by providing a variety of features targeting the needs of all levels of the organisation and auditor.

Confidence and Proof using an LMS for Compliance

We provide a robust, reliable and secure LMS for compliance needs; achieved through regular PEN testing; ISO 27001;  a highly effective support and development team.

99.9% platform uptime and tight SLA's with customers provide confidence of continuous availability of system usage and data interrogation.

Provision of training is only one step on the compliance journey.  Regulators require reports and statistics to prove compliance of the workforce.  Unscheduled audits can distract an organisation and reduce productivity.  The Enterprise Study LMS for Compliance provides real-time, dynamic reporting, delivering precisely the information you need when you need it.

Compliant at all times

Compliance shouldn't be a tick box exercise. An LMS for compliance should provide mechanisms to support employee knowledge at all stages of the year, not merely before an audit, or after a legislation update.

Push mechanisms such as reminders, refreshers, quizzes and tests all help build assurance of compliance 24/7 365 days a year.

What are the best features within an LMS for Compliance?

Traditionally an LMS would solely manage eLearning.  However, enabling regulatory compliance can come in many forms, and elearning is unlikely to be your sole distribution channel. An LMS for Compliance should not restrict your training and information channels.  Polices, legislative documents, face to face training, video, as well as elearning may all be mechanisms to notify and train employees on their responsibilities.  Quizzes and tests may be used alongside training to examine competence and understanding. Our LMS for compliance supports all achievement methods used within your organisations.

When considering the best features for an LMS for Compliance, think of how your organisation operates.  Consider:

  • Dashboards for Individuals, Managers and Executives
  • Reminders and notifications of deadlines
  • Policy refreshment push controls
  • Confirmation of policy's being read
  • Reports for Auditors, Board and Managers
  • Quizzes, tests and refresher options
  • Elearning, Video and Face to Face learning capability
  • Real-time data
  • Attendance reporting
  • Test result reporting
  • XAPI capability
  • Audience control
  • Compliance variables against job role, project or other audience

If you are looking at ways an LMS for Compliance can help your staff and organisation remain compliant, give one of our consultants a call today.