We have a dedicated support helpdesk, contactable during normal business hours, bank holidays and the Christmas period. Please call 01242 254 254, or email support@enterprisestudy.com if you have a support query. In addition we have a growing library of quick help videos to guide you through specific tasks.

Although much of the functionality works on previous versions, we recommend IE7 and above.

Please call for a quote.

The data is held in a multi-tenant database architecture hosted at Secura. The applications are regularly tested for integrity. For additional detail, please request our data security document.

A full 2-3 days training workshop is given alongside the implementation workshop, by our dedicated trainer Sally Williams.

Yes indeed! A demo account can be made available so that you can have a play around on the system. Please contact us for login credentials.

The data is backed up incrementally every 15 minutes and all systems are fully backed up daily in multiple locations.

ES provides an eLearning import tool which allows you to upload data provided by other eLearning systems. This ensures training records are kept up to date and in one place.

During the implementation process historical data can be imported and usually contains the last 3 years of data, however this is up to the requirements of the customer. Additional training history imports can be done by contacting the support helpdesk.

Yes the role management functionality will allow you to tailor the views and permissions of multiple job roles.

Yes this is possible with our Commercial Manager module.

Yes, ES was founded in 2002 to manage online training bookings. The system links to WorldPay and also has the capability of manually managing credit card transactions.

As long as you have a web browser, ES supports every operating system.

ES fully supports the top 5 internet browsers, for the last 2 versions of each Browser.

The ES servers are UK based, as our software is hosted by Rackspace.

Typically the ES licence is 3 years.

The system is updated every two weeks with system enhancements and support fixes. These are communicated via fortnightly release notes and the ES monthly newsletter.

Absolutely. All you need to do is get in touch with us to tell us your requirements and we can switch on any modules that you require (costs for additional modules can be found on our pricing page).

This depends on the culture and size of the organisation. Typically, implementations are between 6 and 10 weeks. We strongly recommend key stakeholders are part of both the decision making process and the implementation workshop, this will result in a smooth running, happy implementation.

In our experience there are many fantastic eLearning authoring tools, these tools are extremely easy to use and the one we recommend is iSpring. If you need content developed independently, please contact us for more information.

ES is linked with many HR/finance systems. The data feed can be both automated, and done manually, which is controlled by a file format that we will provide.

ES doesn’t create content itself, we do however partner with some of the UK’s leading eLearning content providers.

Yes – the system supports SCORM 1.2, AICC compliant content, and as of August 2014, TinCan content. Uploading eLearning content into the system is extremely easy.

The system is accessible via a number of mobile devices, including smart phones with 3G connectivity, tablets, laptops etc.