Sopra Steria

Enterprise Study Solution: The LearningNetwork, LMS

Sopra Steria is trusted globally by leading private and public organisations, to deliver successful transformation programmes that address complex and critical business challenges. Combining high-quality performance services, added-value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its clients to make the best use of information technology.

What Challenge did Sopra Steria face?

With a strong UK presence of around 6700 staff across the British Isles, Sopra Steria, supports a workforce of highly skilled and experienced individuals, providing exemplary services to customers.

A large workforce, especially within this sector requires individuals who are up to speed with new technology, processes and best practices.  This results in a lot of training, a large catalogue of skills, and potentially a lot of learning vendors.

Sopra Steria was one of the first customers to use the Enterprise Study LearningNetwork platform, integrated the technology into their LMS, also supplied by Enterprise Study.

How does the LearningNetwork support Sopra Steria?

Sopra Steria (UK) has been in the adventurous position of benefiting from the LearningNetwork for over 6 years. 

Debbie Pates, Operations Manager for Learning Services at Sopra Steria, recounts what it was like before LearningNetwork was implemented:

“We faced a similar challenge to most large enterprises when it comes to training: bookings with unapproved suppliers that needed to be honoured which in turn meant those suppliers were added to the procurement lists, and then it could be challenging to get them removed.  We suffered from employees mitigating procurement processes and using suppliers with whom T&C’s hadn’t been agreed.  Sometimes employees would book training with a local supplier because they thought it was cheaper, not realising that process of training isn’t always about the lowest price, its about quality. 

We wanted to ensure our staff were getting the best quality training at the best price, using the suppliers where tight SLAs had been agreed.  We needed a solution that managed this process for us, making it simple for employees to source and book the training relevant to them, only after it’s been approved by line managers and budget holders and exclusively from our preferred suppliers.

Additionally, we wanted to ensure our suppliers were engaged and they only accepted bookings that came via LearningNetwork. This way we could report on all spend, all discounts achieved and make sure all employees received the right cost.  Fundamentally needed control, and LearningNetwork provided that.”

The powerful search feature within LearningNetwork enables users to search and locate the courses they require, filter by location, topic and delivery type.  They can then provisionally book the event, with the supplier holding their place until the workflow for line manager/budget holder approval is met and a PO is entered.

Enterprise Study managed the on-boarding process of niche suppliers, combining these with larger suppliers already using LearningNetwork for other customers. 

How does Sopra Steria use the LearningNetwork?

•    LearningNetwork provides a consolidated view of course catalogues from approved vendors, and a centralised, self-service booking process to procure from them.

•    Provides administrator curation of catalogues – only presenting those courses Sopra Steria want to purchase from each supplier to the relevant audiences.

•    Courses are self-served through an automated procurement channel that supports internal authorisation process and represents the payment, cancellation and discount terms that you’ve agreed with each of your preferred suppliers.

•    Instant control of courses and vendors – selected courses can be removed at the touch of a button. Vendors can be removed at ease if SLA’s have been breached.

•    Alongside the Steria ES LMS

What benefits has this brought Sopra Steria?

LearningNetwork is now ingrained into the Sopra Steria training process for external courses. The Sopra Steria Learning and Development team are able to define audiences within the platform, based on job roles, and only display courses relevant to those roles. Going through an approval workflow, individuals can book automatically, with no input from the L&D team, meaning the team can be elevated to more than booking agents for training. 

It is difficult to calculate the time saved by Sopra Steria over the last 6 years.  However, Debbie confirms that without the LearningNetwork her team would need to be raised from 1, to at least 3.  And the “loss” of training to unapproved suppliers would be vast.

Sopra Steria (UK) currently have 8 approved learning suppliers for public courses, all of whom engage with the Enterprise Study platform.

Around half a million course bookings have been transacted through the platform annually with a combined course catalogue of over 2000 courses.

If you face challenges with multiple learning vendors or unapproved training spend, talk to one of our consultants today.