Scottish Power 2017

Enterprise Study’s Training Administration System helped ScottishPower deliver real cost benefits and drive efficiency

ScottishPower is continually looking for ways to make it easier for keys business partners to support its business. This includes providing training for and certifying the many thousands of contractors that it uses to help maintain and develop the electricity energy supply network for its customers.

They regard excellent training as the key to preventing the skills shortage in the UK from impacting upon their operations; this required a modern training administration system to support the expanding business partner training programme.

The Client

ScottishPower, one of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, selected Enterprise Study’s web-based Training Administration System (TAS) to drive efficiency and deliver real cost benefits within its Commercial training system.

Core Training Areas

  • Statutory and Mandatory Training
  • Leadership Development
  • Best Practice in Learning & Development

Colin Cruickshank, the project manager explains:

"We had an older training system that had clearly reached the end of its life cycle. The administration processes were onerous, key functionality was missing and spreadsheets were required to plug gaps. The original supplier had gone out of business, so there was no support."

The core training administration system would need to integrate with other systems and processes in the future in order to fit into the wider business context in which ScottishPower Learning & Development operates within ScottishPower.

The Solution

Enterprise Study presented their TAS against other key suppliers and won the contract on a number of factors. Colin expands, “As the Systems UK project manager, I was satisfied Enterprise Study’s technology aligned with Systems UK technical standards.

“The application architecture looked to meet our own vision of a strategic scalable approach, enabling us to implement initial care modules and also to plan to add more modules as required.”

“Importantly, Enterprise Study also came across as friendly and easy to work with. They looked to have a solid client base and a bright future ahead of them. We also liked what their Director had to say about listening to their customers when deciding how to shape the direction of their products.”

"The richness of information provided by the Enterprise Study LMS really stands out. I can generate a few key reports for managers while reporting at the team level: this is very powerful and allows for very strong governance."

The Results

Enterprise Study’s TAS enables ScottishPower to:

  • Keep an up-to-date catalogue of course to external contractors to book.
  • Automate communications, from reminders to evaluations and booking confirmations
  • Access a comprehensive and rich reporting suite that enables reports to be easily downloaded and automatically scheduled
  • Keep track of all financial transactions, which are supported by a comprehensive audit.

Supported by Enterprise Study, ScottishPower Learning & Development introduced SPT’s to external users in advance of its launch by running familiarisation sessions in Scotland and Cheshire. This ensured a smooth transition from the old system to the new. Colin reports that feedback from external users has been favourable since the launch.


After a few weeks of live use, SPTS is already enabling ScottishPower Learning & Development to administer the training of external contractors more efficiently. The system has helped them to maintain the heavy workload during their busiest periods.

Next Steps

Work is already underway on a second phase of ScottishPower’s partnership with Enterprise Study, to involve further integration and additional modules. An intergace between the core training administration module and Scottish Power’s Authorisation Compliance system will be developed. These systems will work together to manage the process of authorisation to work and training even more efficiently.

An exciting step forward is the introduction of more eLearning as an effective alternative to traditional classroom-based training. This innovative and modern approach will help ScottishPower meet the increasing numbers of contractors asking to skill up, without compromising the rigour and excellence of the training offered – which is why this exciting step forward is being explored in conjunction with Enterprise Study.