J Coates

Streamlining Complex Training Programmes

Saving administrative time / Generating clearer customer communication

Simplifying the administration, booking process and communications relating to complex training packages.

JCoates, offer a complete range of driving training and CPC qualifications courses for a variety of vehicles and levels. Their training provision consists of several key components; dates, times, instructors, vehicle, test. This means that the customer will require several training methods including an interview and a test to be included in their purchase.

JCoates were spending lots of time booking and setting up events, interviews and tests for their customer then arranging for all relevant communications to go to the customer at appropriate intervals. It was this process that JCoates wanted to streamline and ES were there to help.

In conjunction with JCoates ES developed a feature within to allow administrators to build complex training packages; blending learning methods, interview bookings, verifications and exams in order to provide a slick booking process and clear confirmation communication to customers.

The functionality enables the administrators to pull together training days and methods for the booking agents and other users of the system to make 1 simple booking. The booker is able to view all the elements they’re purchasing/ booking and can make amendments to the dates and components as appropriate. Both the customer and the training supplier can view the progress of the training package in 1 view and can be assured that completion of the training only happens when all relevant elements have been attended/ passed.

This functionality has saved JCoates hundreds of hours of administration time and provides clear and timely communications to their customers without the need for administrative intervention.

What did our customer think of the work?

"This has saved us 100’s of hours, we create /edit new and existing orders all day everyday so allowing us to create the item as 1 package means we can create and add a course to become available or go into the package to edit in a matter of seconds"

Alec Steer, Sales Manager, JCoates

"our customers receive clear detailed instructions regarding their bookings."

Alec Steer, Sales Manager, JCoates