Profit & Loss Tracking Plus Automated Print and Venue Supplier Comms

Comprehensive view of profit & loss relating to training / Automated communications to materials suppliers and venues.

Automating the communications process between the training supplier, venue and materials supplier.

ILX are an accredited training and consulting organisation that specialises in digital learning. With over 30 years of experience, providing training in over 100 countries, ILX are no strangers to the complexities of setting up and running high quality learning events. From booking instructors and venues through to sourcing print materials, arranging delivery of materials and informing venues of anticipated delegates, ILX needed a system that could support them! ILX chose ES to develop this functionality with them.

What did our customer think of the work?

Most of ILX’s courses are multi day and include numerous elements. The system needed to be able to handle dynamic event scheduling and last-minute bookings and take out the element of human error in communicating between ILX and their venue and print materials suppliers.

It is also important for ILX to be able to record and view the profit vs cost per event to enable them to track, evidence and analyse their costs, so, ES included that in the development too.

ILX are now able to build templates for each item that carries a cost to them. They are able to apply, and if appropriate amend, the relevant costs to each event to view revenue per event as bookings are made. Included in this development is an incredibly detailed report to provide ILX with a detailed overview of their revenue to monitor the cost viability of their upcoming events and to analyse past events.

The cost templates offer ILX the ability to build in supplier details if required meaning that where print materials are needed the system will automatically email the supplier to order the correct amount based on the number of delegates and can additionally inform the supplier as to where the materials should be delivered.

Another time-consuming task open to human error is the confirmation emails with delegate lists that are sent to the venues to advise them as to those people who will be turning up at the venue and on what date. The ES system now sends a delegate list to the venue prior to the event automatically, removing the element of human error and saving hours of admin time.