Capita CSL

Capita Learning Services take full advantage of Enterprise Study LearningNetwork

In 2012, Capita Learning Services won the ground-breaking Civil Service Learning contract. This contract changed the face of how Government and the public sector would procure learning for the foreseeable future.

The contract focused on a Managed Learning Service, with Capita being the sole supplier. 

A core service of the contract would be to deliver a public schedule of training, brokered by Capita from specialist vendors, distributed under the Capita brand to the customer, available through an online portal, booked by Capita booking agents.  The volume of bookings would be significant and a supportive technology would be required to streamline and support processes, using automation where feasible.  The technology needed to ensure only preferred vendors and their agreed courses and events were displayed, administrative tasks were kept to a minimum, and the prices were those agreed by the customer.

What was the Challenge?

A vital part of the Managed Learning Service offered by Capita would be the management of training suppliers and vendors, required to deliver the full breadth of catalogue needed to train public sector staff. Capita needed a mechanism to support the heavy administrative burden of managing dozens of suppliers, and potentially tens of public hundreds of course bookings.

Capita Learning Service already used the Enterprise Study Training Management System (TAS) to assist with the core elements of their Managed Service provision to the private sector.  They were aware of the unique and powerful features Enterprise Study LearningNetwork had to offer, features which met the specific challenges faced by managing vast training catalogues and suppliers.

Capita utilised LearningNetwork already, albeit on a smaller scale, within their private sector customer base and so the decision to work with Enterprise Study to adapt the platform in line with the requirements of CSL, was made early on in the contract lifecycle.

How did LearningNetwork help?

The LearningNetwork platform is built to mitigate the issues that arise from purchasing from multiple training suppliers. The system supports the following challenges faced by Capita on the CSL contract:

Managing multiple suppliers

Enterprise Study designed an on-boarding process which enabled both the largest and smallest of UK training suppliers to be available to the customer.  A workflow of automated communication between Capita, CSL and the Vendor allowed Capita to control all bookings without the need to pick up the phone or email the vendor.

Managing multiple course catalogues

Enterprise Study LearningNetwork combines the catalogues of all chosen suppliers, displaying them to the end customer at the agreed price. 

Courses from suppliers could be auto-included or chosen manually, ensuring the customer only purchased the courses the Capita had formally agreed.  All courses would be automatically re-branded as Capita, as agreed with the vendors and CSL.

The search capabilities of the LearningNetwork platform ensured Capita booking agents could easily locate the courses and event dates they wanted from the vast combined catalogues.

Managing multiple purchase prices and discounts

The Managed Service Provider, Capita Learning Services, can manage and report on all elements of their brokering and mark-up/discounting.

Some fundamental changes were made by Enterprise Study to support the contract.

1. enable bookings to be made by booking agents on behalf of the end customer, rather than self-service

2. support automated and ring-fenced communication paths between CLS, Capita and vendors

3. Support the Capita pricing and mark-up model as contractually agreed by CSL

Was the contract a success?

21,000 confirmed course bookings
8000 days of saved administrator time
2000 course titles

From implementation to contract end, the supportive technology of LearningNetwork assisted Capita Learning Services to successfully support CSL.  The contract was ground-breaking in how it changed the purchasing and supply of learning within Government and the Wider Public sector.

Throughout the life of the contract Enterprise Study on-boarded and managed 20 suppliers of learning to the LearningNetwork platform. These suppliers were those selected by Capita to deliver the public schedule of specialist and professional training.

Over 21,000 confirmed course bookings where transacted through the platform over 23 vendors, with automation features resulting in around 8000 days of saved administrator time. Savings which Capita was able to pass onto the customer.

The catalogue managed over 2000 course titles, hundreds of thousands of event dates over the contract duration.

“The support of Enterprise Study and the capability of LearningNetwork technology have been fundamental in enabling Capita to provide a smooth service offering to CSL.  Without the technology, we would be faced with a mammoth task of organising the vast amount of course data, prices and making manual bookings to deliver this service to our customer.  Enterprise Study has worked with us to successfully adapt the platform to meet the needs of this unique contract.”

Nick Long, IT Director, Capita Learning Services

The contract ended in 2016. Following the end of the CSL contract, Capita Learning Services (rebranded as KnowledgePool) tendered for and was awarded the Wider Public Sector Managed Service contract, starting July 2017. Enterprise Study was delighted to be chosen once again by KnowledgePool to support vendor management through LearningNetwork for this large Managed Service requirement.