How ES are Helping with the NHS Streamlining and Core Skills Training Framework

The Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) is the NHS wide recognised standard, for statutory and mandatory training topics.

The CSTF means that training accepted within the standard can be passported with staff as they move around within the NHS. This reduces the time and cost of duplicating training for new recruits, whilst maintaining confidence in the level of competency of new starters.

‘Streamlining’ is the NHS initiative to further reduce the burden of training duplication by passing the full training record of an NHS employee from an old employer to a new one. This process helps staff to maintain a single point of reference for their training record, provides the employer with a complete training history of their employees and cuts the admin time by automating the send/ receive process of the records.

ESR does not support integration of their software with non NHS systems, however, we have several ways that we can help out.

  1. You can record the training in the LMS to be able to identify the topics that are the CSTF standard
  2. We can help you to export your IAT’s from ESR in a format which can be uploaded in full to our LMS
  3. Our LMS supports the automatic linking of the imported IAT records to the relevant competencies and skills within our LMS. This will feed directly into your compliance stats
  4. We can support you to process new recruit records onto the LMS before they start in post, enabling you to update their training records accordingly and to make relevant induction bookings as necessary
  5. We can provide a training history export for your leavers to take with them to their new employer
  6. We can help you to input employee training records to ESR to send as IATs automatically to their next NHS employer
  7. We can advise as to best practice for training account identifiers so that should a leaver return to your employment, they can pick up right where they left off

If you would like to know more about how we can support your organisation with Streamlining, please contact us.

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