What is unique about an Extended Enterprise LMS for your business?

Learning management is an essential component in progress for many businesses. However, the importance of LMS for the Extended Enterprise can be easily overlooked. The reality is that internal staff and those who make up the Extended Enterprise of a business have very different learning needs and the only way to cater for both is to work with separate learning systems.

What does an Extended Enterprise LMS cover?

Your Extended Enterprise is any third party who doesn’t form part of the internal business and who isn’t on the payroll. That could be contractors or agencies, channel partners or suppliers. It’s a very wide potential group and one that has far greater influence over your organisation than you may realise. Although not employed by your company, these people could still affect the goodwill you’ve established and the reputation that you’ve worked hard to build. From financial penalties, through to issues with ethics or commercial standards, there are many potential consequences to working with third parties and an Extended Enterprise LMS can help you to keep track of everything.

What is unique about LMS for the Extended Enterprise?

A system specifically designed for purpose

Many businesses have tried to adapt existing internal systems or HR processes to manage Extended Enterprise in this way but this is rarely successful. An LMS designed for Extended Enterprise means that you have a product fit for purpose that will focus specifically on the requirements that arise from working with third parties, as opposed to adapting from an initial infrastructure designed for internal employees.

Integration with existing processes

An Extended Enterprise LMS for your business can be integrated with other systems to ensure that you can access the right information at the right time. Data integration makes an LMS more effective, enabling training success to be measured and third party completion and compliance monitored and mapped.

A focus on user experience

The most effective LMS, particularly when it comes to your Extended Enterprise, is one that is specifically designed to deliver user experience. This is a different learning experience and one that needs to cater to an audience that you’re looking to engage in a different way. So, mobile friendly formats, self registration, video streaming and an interface that properly represents your organisation to external parties will all be more important than if you were designing for use in-house.

Features that cater to your Extended Enterprise

You might need an LMS that can cater to multiple different audiences and a wide variety of training needs and certifications. LMS for the Extended Enterprise tends to require a more versatile structure and an approach tailored to simplifying the process for the third parties you work with.

There are multiple benefits to investing in an LMS for Extended Enterprise, from protecting your reputation to maintaining better working relationship with important third parties. For more information, and to find out what an Extended Enterprise LMS could do for your business, please get in touch with Enterprise Study today by calling our team on 01242 254 254.

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