What features of LMS are essential for managing learning for contractors?

Working with contractors is great as it allows you to explore a range of opportunities that you might not have the resources in-house to undertake otherwise. Unfortunately, many LMS do not include contractors, as the systems are usually populated through your internal HR system, which means that only contacts on your internal payroll will be included. So, how about an LMS that can effectively manage your employees as well as your contractors?

Investing in an LMS that works with contractors

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an incredible investment for any business. Whether you’re looking to improve your internal training and upskill your staff, or transform the way you manage employees and HR. When managing a vast number of internal user audiences however, LMS’s which are based on your internal HR system can fail to account for these contractors, causing unnecessary stress and time wastage as you have to manage contractors externally.

Making the decision to invest in an LMS which works with contractors through a range of essential features is essential for any business looking to optimise their learning management and extract the best value out of their learning for contractors and employees.

Essential learning management features

Alongside the ability to source training from a vast range of industry experts and specialists for your employees and contractors, your LMS features a range of bespoke tools and features that are essential for managing learning. This includes management tools, assessment, evaluation and reporting infrastructure, access to learning certifications and activities, learning administration and security implementations.

When it comes to effectively managing contractors as well as internal staff however, there are a few features that are essential for your LMS. Your LMS needs to account for the challenges of engaging and communication with non-employed staff, managing vast amounts of unique user groups without compromising on security. Your LMS should also be able to generate bespoke, configurable reports which give you an in-depth understanding of your internal and external training, with intelligent configuration so that contractors moving from agency to agency can be managed appropriately.

If you’re interested in finding more about how your new LMS can empower your training management for employees and contractors, why not get in touch?

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