What features make your LMS ideal for compliance auditing?

Every industry has different regulations, some with more than others, and therefore with different requirements for training and auditing. As with any regulation, there must be ways of measuring this and ensuring that everything is regularly up-to-date. Failing to do so can lead to companies being penalised in a number of ways including financial penalties, legal action being taken against them, damage to brand reputation.

At the same time, in some industries, not completing regular checks can cause health and safety issues, and in every business, there are strict data protection regulations, which is something that all companies must adhere to on an ongoing basis. So what features of your LMS are ideal for making compliance auditing easier for your company?

Consolidation of materials and resources

Your LMS should allow you to store all of your training materials and resources in one place. This can include presentations, any important legal or regulatory documents, as well as videos and other media. This allows you to provide consistent training for each of your staff, and their personal results are measurable, as well as their goals and completion of the training – all of which allows you to regularly check progress, and that staff are up-to-date with any changes, undertaking retraining where necessary.

Flexibility and ongoing training

Compliance auditing is also helped by the way that LMS users can set preferences to provide automatic updates when training needs to be renewed. It can also remind you of deadlines to ensure that staff training is complete by particular dates or within a set time frame, but also choose the same provider or change providers at the click of a button where different training is required.

Easier reporting and oversight

An LMS can also help you to access reports and oversee the learning that your employees are undertaking. At the same time, it can make management of your compliance much easier since the learning undertaken within your organisation can be supervised and closely monitored to make sure that it is in-line with what needs to be covered.

Those organisations that want to go a step further should look to utilise xAPI (previously called TinCan) within their learning. xAPI helps employers get richer data about learner progress and performance, and allows compliance training to move away from the “tick box” reputation its unfortunately tarnished with.

Trusted learning suppliers and secure platform

Your LMS allows you to browse and choose from the best learning suppliers across the board – covering all topics and sectors. You can rate these suppliers, and choose your own preferred suppliers based upon the reviews of others at the same time. At the same time the platform itself is compliant with data security regulations and cyber security requirements such as the GDPR, so users can rest assured that their compliance is at its highest possible.

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