What could our LearningNetwork add-on bring as a unique feature for your LMS?

An LMS is a useful tool to easily push training out to your organisation, especially eLearning; some good LMS’s even enable the management of internal face to face courses.  But there are very few organisations that solely use these methods to train their staff.  Almost all organisations also use external training vendors of one type of another.  However, LMS’s are typically poor at any inclusion of public courses, and invariably this training is either manually entered onto training records or not centrally recorded in any way. This means it can be more difficult to get the clarity and transparency about booking preferred vendors, and reporting on training that you need. External training can become expensive if it is not carefully planned and budgeted for, so how can you get the best possible training with ease and within budget?

External training resources made easier

LearningNetwork is a new add-on from Enterprise Study which allows businesses to save their time, money and resources. The online training portal is unique and makes public course bookings much simpler. Over 60 of the largest training vendors in the UK and across Europe work with Enterprise Study, including leading vendors like British Red Cross, St John’s Ambulance, QA, Global Knowledge and Skillsoft. Because of this LearningNetwork can offer even greater benefits to organisations looking for training resources that are both convenient and affordable, without compromising on quality. Loved by Procurement department and L&D alike as it ensures employees only book via agreed suppliers and at the discounts Procurement have worked hard to negotiate.

How does LearningNetwork work?

The new add-on, LearningNetwork works by consolidating a range of course offerings from different approved vendors, all in one place. It provides a central booking system where courses can be viewed and compared in one place to give companies the chance to choose exactly what they are looking for.

Courses can then be booked directly, through an automated procurement channel that provides authorisation, payment options, cancellation and discount terms that have been previously agreed with any of your suppliers. Previous orders and terms are remembered to easily re-order and re-select at a later date, reducing the time taken for the whole booking process to be completed.

LearningNetwork’s suppliers and security

LearningNetwork has been used by over 25,000 public sector and corporate users to date, and offers compliant levels of security to keep data safe.  Within the network, there are already over 60 of the UK’s leading training suppliers, with more being added regularly through customer demand.

Customers have ultimate control

If you’re unhappy with your supplier at any time, you can switch vendors with just the click of a button, and course evaluation allows customers to assess the services they’re receiving. It also gives users complete control over their spend on training resources, and allows them the opportunity to negotiate with vendors to save even more money.

Find out more about LearningNetwork

LearningNetwork is flexible for businesses as it can be used either as part of the Enterprise Study LMS or alternatively connected to an incumbent LMS. It enhances any LMS to give a full-stack solution within any organisation’s learning eco-system.

Find out more about Enterprise Study’s new LearningNetwork add-on, give the team a call today on 01242 254 254.

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