What benefits could Enterprise Study’s new LearningNetwork platform bring to your business’ training?

Public courses have a significant role to play in ongoing development and learning. However, the administration that surrounds this can be time consuming and costly.  The new LearningNetwork platform has been specifically designed to tackle this issue, simplifying the processes involved, enabling bookings with a mix of suppliers and – crucially – saving a great deal of time. There are many benefits for any enterprise to integrating the LearningNetwork platform into an existing LMS.

The benefits of the LearningNetwork platform for any business

Easy integration. The LearningNetwork platform has been specifically designed to be easy to set up and use. It can be easily integrated with an existing LMS – such as the Enterprise Study LMS or another incumbent platform – removing the need to have a separate system to manage the booking of public courses.

A consolidated view that enables control. LearningNetwork provides complete perspective with a consolidated view of courses from approved vendors. It means that only the chosen courses from each supplier are presented, providing complete control over the options and removing the opportunity for employees to use unauthorised suppliers.

Time saving. One of the biggest benefits to using the LearningNetwork platform is the time that can be saved in administering course bookings. Once the platform is in place there is no need to contact suppliers to check details such as costs and availability because all of this is easily and swiftly managed via the LearningNetwork platform.

Managing all courses in one place. The LearningNetwork platform  has been designed to accommodate a wide range of potential courses and suppliers. This enables organisations to easily administer blended learning programmes that bring together a combination of courses from chosen suppliers, as well as a mix of internal learning.

Improving efficiency and reducing overheads. It’s not just time and effort that are saved by using the LearningNetwork platform but costs and overheads too. The system is designed to make the process of booking and managing courses more efficient to reduce costs. Bookings are automated with line manager and budget holder approval.

Simplifying the procurement process. Thanks to the fact that the LearningNetwork platform integrates directly with an existing LMS, it ties up easily with internal systems. It also has features that can be used to reflect existing agreements and contracts with suppliers so that discounts and deals that are already agreed are factored in at the right stage in the process.

The option of evaluation. The LearningNetwork platform has an evaluation feature that can be used to evaluate suppliers and courses and also to demonstrate improvement analysis and knowledge retention.

Introducing transparency and clarity. With the LearningNetwork platform a clear line of sight is established for all bookings and cancellations. This makes it possible to gain perspective on courses across the business at any time and removes the potential for expensive and time-consuming mistakes and mix-ups.

If you’d like to find out more about the LearningNetwork platform – what it could do for your business and how simple integration is – get in touch with Enterprise Study today.

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