Webinar: Augmented memory and combatting the forgetting curve

February’s webinar is focused on augemented memory and how you can combat the forgetting curve.

It is proven that we forget 90% of what we learn within 7 days if we don’t use techniques and processes to aid retention. Additionally, without practice, reflection and effort we will always be a novice at our chosen skill set, rather than excel to an expert.

Savvy employers are starting to realise that way to make their organisations succeed is through an engaged, motivated and skilled workforce.  But, if 90% of their training budget is being forgotten, are they ever going to meet their organisational goals?  Think of where your organisation might be if you had 90% more skills and knowledge?  Think of how engaged your workforce might be if you were actively enabling them to succeed in their careers?

This talk will provide tips and tricks for individuals on how to cement what they’ve learnt – with or without additional technology.  Additionally it will provide employers tips on how they can support their employees learning goals and make the most from their training budget.

The webinar took place on the 2nd March. If you would like to hear the recording, click the photo below.

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