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Building a culture of compliance within an organisation can be a challenge but is integral to the safe and proper running of a business. Whether you are working under an ISO process, following Health and Safety procedures, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies, checking staff or student qualifications and prerequisites or simply wanting to ensure induction processes are followed, Enterprise Study Policy Management system can help.

Enterprise Study helps compliance and IG teams quickly manage policy versions, update staff through real time communications, monitor engagement and assess knowledge in readiness for training interventions. Compliance teams can then determine whether to engage business process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns and action plans to remediate compliance issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Verification manager is not simply used to monitor written policies. The software allows you to have video policies and messages to staff, and monitor engagement. You can use it to record proof of users’ abilities.

Typical scenarios include:

  • Users certifying that they are fit to attend physically demanding training sessions
  • Doctors declaring their authorisation status.
  • Line managers verifying their team members have completed training/appraisals

The Verification and Policy Management System contains:

  • Review and Approval
  • – Automates routing of policies and documents for review and approval to multiple stakeholders
  • Policy Distribution and Communication
  • – Helps publish final policies for the required groups; enables users to easily access, read, and accept policies; triggers automated notifications to relevant stakeholders
  • Policy Exception Management and Reporting
  • Training and Awareness
  • Supports employee training on policies; when used with eLMS and Compliance Manager provides access to a variety of training programs mapped to regulations and standards; tracks that training requirements have been met from a compliance standpoint. Configurable workflow from user to line manager.
  • Document management from both parties (Admintrator or User)
  • Assessments
  • Configurable completion and expiry dates
  • Notification emails and alerts

Use the in-build Assessment Management tool to further enhance your management structure

  • Unlimited randomised questions
  • Group hard, medium and easy questions together
  • Supports single and multiple choice answers
  • Assessment introduction and outcome message
  • Enable or disable ‘back’ button
  • Set number of attempts
  • Version control and ‘test’/’live’ setting
  • View correct/incorrect answers (Admin and Line Managers)
  • Report on success rates per question

Use Verification manager in conjunction with Training Compliance Manager to monitor mandatory and regulatory training requirements

If you would like a demonstration of the Policy Management System, Contact or call 01242 254 254

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