Using coaching to complement learning

There is a wealth of evidence to suggest that coaching helps to optimise learning. From research-based evidence to anecdotal and personal experience, it is clear that our learning experiences – whether in an educational institution or in terms of professional development at work – are considerably enhanced when there is an element of coaching involved. In fact, research by the National Foundation for Educational Research & TDA established that coaching has a tangible impact on both individuals and organisations. So how does coaching work to compliment learning?

Creating the right culture

In an organisational context, a coaching infrastructure has a key role to play in the firm culture that exists. Coaching helps to encourage a collaborative culture and one in which individuals are not only encouraged to strive for their own progress but to also contribute to the achievements of others. Where coaching is used to compliment learning this often creates a more reflective culture and one in which individuals are more likely to look out for one another.

Fostering excellence

Where there is investment in coaching, there is a clear focus on goal setting and professional development. It is a recognition of the importance of professional development and tends to act as a motivational tool to encourage a sense of healthy competition and shared progress. Energetic motivation and prioritising aspiration and achievement are also by-products of using coaching to compliment learning, no matter what the context.

Giving individuals better tools

The learning experience can be beneficial for many individuals working alone. However, it is often only with the support and inspiration of others that we truly begin to develop and grow. Coaching as part of the learning experience gives individuals a much broader range of tools that can enable them to do and learn to a greater extent. These include better problem solving and decision making skills acquired from coaching, as well as more effective communication skills. Coaching can also help to enhance how individuals then go on to improve their own learning experience, for example it tends to result in better self-management and self-learning than is the case where there is no coaching support.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Coaching to compliment learning places a focus on the team but also gives each individual the opportunity to improve – and to help others improve. This tends to bring overall levels of personal effectiveness up and improves the ability individuals have to work smarter and get more from what they do. Coaching can also help to tackle the negatives, such as unhelpful behaviours or beliefs that might be holding someone back in their learning journey when they are left to their own devices.

Where coaching is used to compliment learning it opens up the opportunities for greater achievement for all. From improved sharing of practice, to better job satisfaction and creating closer team bonds there is so much more that can be gained from a learning experience where there is coaching involved. If you’d like to find out more about how to optimise your learning investment, please get in touch with Enterprise Study today on 01242 254 254.

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