Training administration makes these 7 things much easier…

Training administration systems open the door to better management. These smart software systems enable training providers to centralise administration of a training programme with a wide range of benefits. Used in combination with a learning management system they can provide a comprehensive infrastructure for a business. But where, specifically, does using a training administration system make things easier?

Automating invoicing and emails

Invoicing is probably the least exciting – but most essential – part of the job. It’s also the kind of administration that’s easily forgotten until cashflow reaches critical levels. A training administration system takes this entire process out of manual hands and automates it for speed and convenience. Invoices are automatically triggered by specific events and automatically chased for payment. Other functions can be automated too, from sending out joining instructions, to emailing evaluation forms, freeing up your time for other things.

Chasing up leads

When times are busy there’s always one part of the business that slips and, more often than not, it’s the hours you allocate to answering emails. However, inbound leads are crucial to business growth so this can be a real disadvantage if all of that organic traffic is going to waste. Email integration, sales funnel, reminders and reporting are all bundled into training administration systems so that you can see what leads are coming in, as well as where you are with handling them.

Keeping your cashflow going

Ensuring you are running a profitable business is key. A good training administration system will provide key data to on margins and profitability per course, per topic, per location, ensuring you can concentrate on the areas of your business that work the best. You can also offer secure online payment via an infrastructure such as this – which can reduce issues with bad debts and make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

A more accurate website

Training and learning businesses often find the burden of keeping websites up to date – schedules and course details, changes to dates or new opportunities, for example – to be particularly heavy. However, using a training administration system means that you don’t even have to think about doing this manually as the information is automatically updated. Not only will you have plenty of fresh content for SEO but you can cut down the numbers of help requests and increase your leads with a website that’s always up to date.

Build reports in an instant

When you’re using a smart system you’ll be able to get a lot more information about your business at the touch of a button. From costs to course profitability and availability of resources, custom reporting functions give you the insight you need when you need it.

Mobile business

A training administration system gives you everything you need to know about your business from wherever you are currently located. Mobile friendly options improve convenience and accessibility.

Give excellent service to your key customers

By providing your key customers with client portals you can offer a level of service over and above that of your competitors. Automating discount structures, tailoring catalogues and offering bespoke and onsite courses, all of which ensure customers remain loyal and value your service.

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