The key features of LearningNetwork and how it could contribute to a more efficient solution

Training contributes to many things, from employee satisfaction, to business growth and innovation and a more positive company culture. However, external training can be costly. Managing multiple providers is often time consuming and many incumbent LMSs simply aren’t capable of managing public bookings and training vendors. LearningNetwork offers a new perspective and a practical solution for businesses. It is an online training management portal that streamlines the process of course booking and management to support improved productivity and reduce the costs and administration involved.

The key features of LearningNetwork

  • A consolidated view of all available courses from those vendors approved by the business
  • Self-service online booking that facilitates easy procurement
  • A procurement channel that supports existing internal authorisation processes
  • Payment, cancellation and discount terms agreed with preferred suppliers are incorporated into the process
  • LearningNetwork is easily integrated with an incumbent LMS
  • 60+ training vendors within the UK and Europe, including QA, Global Knowledge, Hemsley Fraser, SAS, ILX, Kaplan, Learning Tree, Pluralsight, Skillsoft, British Red Cross, St John Ambulance – and many more
  • Simple insights and overviews available, such as reporting on training spend

So far, LearningNetwork has been responsible for supporting organisations in procuring more than £5million worth of training and customers have taken advantage of £650k of negotiated discounts.

Why use LearningNetwork?

  • LearningNetwork automates the procurement process, saving time and money. Our customers estimate a saving of around £85 per booking in internal admin fees when using LearningNetwork.
  • Staff booking with unauthorised suppliers can be costly and complex to unravel so LearningNetwork ensures that only authorised suppliers can be procured from, and that any negotiated discounts are always incorporated into the booking.
  • Using LearningNetwork enables organisations to exert tighter control over training spend, to make training procurement more transparent and to generate greater return on training investment. One customer saved over £100k by taking control of their spending using LearningNetwork.
  • Although LearningNetwork is the best kept secret in HR technology it is also a tried and tested solution already used by 25,000 public sector and corporate users. The system has been designed as a specific solution to training procurement issues and is safe and secure to use.
  • LearningNetwork enables much more control over the vendors that you use, in particular when it comes to monitoring quality. Automated course evaluation is a feature of the LearningNetwork platform, enabling organisations to monitor vendor quality. If this becomes unsatisfactory then it is swift and simple to opt for another vendor instead.
  • Where there is an incumbent LMS in place, LearningNetwork provides a way to enhance the infrastructure already in use, ensuring a full-stack solution within your learning eco-system. The integration element can help to reduce the time and administrative burden by simplifying everything into one single system.
  • Thanks to the single consolidated view that LearningNetwork provides, the potential for errors, mistakes and poor management is reduced, especially in situations where there have been cancellations or issues with the vendor.

Contact us to find out more about how LearningNetwork could simplify and streamline your external training management and deliver cost and productivity benefits.

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