The importance of effective reporting

In every professional context, analysis and reporting on effectiveness, investment, activity and results is paramount. Providing evidence of a plan, followed by details of implementation, steps taken, and results across every area of activity is an expectation.

Should reports be difficult / fiddly / boring?

Reporting can be such a chore though! If the systems aren’t already in place to report easily and efficiently, the process can become overwhelming – identifying elements of the subject of the report, collating information and evidence, analysing, and then re-presenting the data into a format that is easy to digest for readers is quite an undertaking.

The challenge is greater if your organisation relies on manual processes for any of its data management – relying on other people to input or provide data will often impact on deadlines and your own workflow.

What if reporting was easier / more fun / useful?

Implementing technology to manage some of these manual tasks can dramatically (and measurably) improve this situation.

We speak to our customers every day, and have noticed that one of the most popular functions of our system is the reporting feature. This allows users to use standardised and bespoke reporting templates to mine detailed data. Customers have reported that reporting has been transformed from a dreaded task. to one which provides reliable and accurate information. This is a valuable step towards them being able to make more strategic and tactical decisions across their organisation – and to ensuring accuracy and compliance.

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