Seven ways to boost staff satisfaction and performance

I was recently asked by Cloud Computing magazine to suggest some tips to implement and improve staff satisfaction and productivity, employee engagement and promote overall business success. What a broad topic! Here are my top 7:

Embrace the TalentBe open – Organisations tend to have the mentality that aspects of the business should be kept behind closed doors. This is never more obvious than when it comes to an organisations’ financial figures. Why should you hide your financial figures from your employees? If you would like everyone that works for you to be engaged with the direction the business is going in, then keep everyone up to speed with how the company is getting on. Be open with how things are going, even if they aren’t going as well as you would like. When communicated well, employees being able to see the overall success of the company will incentivise, encourage team work, and build organisational loyalty.

Communicate – It’s cliché but communication is the key to success. You can never communicate too much with your staff members. It is often very easy to assume employees know about the changes made to a business, whether that is a new strategy or a new product. Often communication can get “siloed” and the news won’t necessarily filter throughout the whole organisation as you would expect. Employees who fully understand the business tend to feel less disgruntled and are far more motivated to be successful within the organisation. Ensure your management teams are keeping everyone engaged and informed using simple communication channels. An example of a handy tool for this purpose is Yammer. Yammer is the enterprise social network and allows you to communicate and collaborate with employees across departments easily and efficiently.

Encourage innovation and ideas – A great way to keep employee morale at an all-time high is to build a culture of idea collaboration and encourage employee suggestions. This will help provide everyone with a sense of ownership and pride within the business. It will also establish loyalty, as all those employed will feel like they have a real impact on how the business is performing. Tools like Redbooth are great for collaboration and innovation within a company, making every single employee feel as if they really matter.

Reward and recognise – Everyone appreciates praise and a pat on the back when they are doing a job well. Being recognised as an outstanding member of the work force means so much and can resonate far more than a cash bonus. Encourage peer-led recognition schemes, vouchers or non-cash based bonuses to high performing employees, and not just those in the Sales Team! A brilliant service for this is WooBoard. The software allows employers and employees to recognise each other and celebrate success everyday with ease.

Develop your staff – Every company will want to encourage staff to grow. The best way to do this is simply invest in their skills and potential.  Training and development is crucial to any business, big or small; if you don’t invest time and effort into your staff they just won’t give you their best, it’s simple. Getting the training right will motivate people and make them far more productive and even innovative. Additionally, well-trained employees need less supervision, which frees their peers and managers for other tasks. Employees are more capable to answer the questions of customers, which will build better customer satisfaction, which in turn will lead to your employees receiving rewards and being recognised for doing such an outstanding job (are you seeing the cycle!). You have to ensure you are engaging staff and including everyone throughout their training paths. You want to make sure everyone is feeling included and positive about the learning experience. Ask your employees where they want their career to go and set them on the correct path if you can. Ignoring career desires will only push employees to leave your business. You’ll lose your best staff this way and waste money as you’ll then have to pay extortionate replacement fees to re-recruit. The Enterprise Study SaaS LMS with compliance and assessment modules is an excellent way of managing learning and talent within your business.

Evaluate, measure satisfaction, and action against the results! – There is no point in listening to your employees opinions on the business if you aren’t then going to do anything about their feedback. Ensure you evaluate the results and come up with ideas on how to improve any areas that seem to be challenging; temperature check your business. The primary purpose of evaluation is to measure progress and determine what needs improving. If you are struggling with employee satisfaction and engagement, the first step is to ask for help from the people who are affected the most. A handy tool to hear from those that keep your business cogs spinning are sites like Survey Monkey. The results from these simple surveys can give you quick and clear feedback and highlight areas you could change for the better.

Embrace the talent – Ensure you’re constantly keeping your employees motivated and stimulated. You can do this by building a mentoring and coaching scheme that will foster the talent you already have within your corporation.  Mentoring demonstrates long-term commitment in an employee from the organisation and the chosen mentor. This is a fantastic motivation builder, performance enhancer and encourages loyalty. Mentoring should be inspiring as well as providing guidance and encouraging both personal and business growth – a win-win! Enterprise Study Coaching and Supervisions Manager will assist you in building a mentoring programme that energises and retains your staff, enabling you to become an employer of choice.

This article was published in November 2015 edition.

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