Revalidation IS Vital

On 8th Oct 2015, the NMC announced after months of piloting and consideration, that they were to proceed with the introduction of Revalidation for Nurses and Midwives across the UK.

From Spring next year, Nurses and Midwives will have to formally prove that (amongst other criteria) they are undertaking a defined amount of CPD, gathering feedback on themselves and reflecting on their practice over a 3 year Revalidation cycle, in order to continue being on the NMC register and therefore able to work in the UK as a Nurse or Midwife. The new Revalidation process is being introduced as a result of the Francis Report into the failings in the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust, and other stories that have come to light over the past few years concerning nursing practices.

Patients today are informed and participative in the care that they expect, and their right to ask for it. It shocks me that it took so long for Revalidation to come into being. That the previous PREP process hadn’t been picked up by a tabloid newspaper years ago and more of an outcry for change hadn’t been petitioned for by the general public.

Yes, of course throughout the pilot stages there were cries of “how will I fit this around my day job”, but the NMC have stood fast.  Learning is an integral part of the day job.  Nursing and care cannot work in isolation from a continual path of development. If we are too short sighted to see that, then the likes of Mid-Staffs will happen again.  I applaud the NMC for what they have achieved so far.

So what will Revalidation achieve?  It will create Nurses and Midwives that can build on their practice, have a safe environment to reflect on learning and their daily activities; create a culture of lifelong learning and highlight an individual’s role to demand it from their employer, as well as seeking out the opportunities themselves.

As well as being an exercise for clarifying and ensuring the ongoing development of Nurses throughout their career, the Revalidation process is providing Nurses and Midwives the opportunity to reflect on their practice by building this into the integrity of the process, aligning reflection against the NMC Code of Practice, which in turn will bring this Code alive.  Nurses and Midwives reflect all the time, it’s integral to what they do, but what I delighted in during the pilot stages were those that took advantage of these formal reflective opportunities, and who could see so clearly the benefit in them.

CPD and learning does not have to be formal and the NMC have recognized this. Participatory learning, a criteria of the Revalidation process, may take the form of webinars and twitter chats, which support formal learning through discussion, and the opportunity to “meet” with peers or different nursing disciplines.

A true blend of formal and informal CPD will not only enhance the practice of an individual, but this will reflect in the care that they give.

These are exciting times for Nursing and Midwifery in the UK, and I am honoured to be part of the enhancement of our treasured NHS, by providing solutions to help them succeed.

Enterprise Study can work with you to ensure the compliance of staff training, Revalidation, knowledge levels and performance.  Our systems are built by the NHS for the NHS – just take a look at our case studies. We believe in the interoperability of systems and can integrate with ESR to ensure full and accessible staff data and analysis.

To talk further about how we can help with Learning Management, compliance, policy management, NMC Revalidation, Appraisal, Clinical Supervisions, Coaching and the integration of these into your business, speak to or pop over to the VITAL site to learn more about Revalidation.

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