Press Release: Enterprise Study Continues to Grow

Enterprise Study, continues to grow its Cheltenham-based headquarters with the recent addition of two new team members – Claire Boba and Alana Hopkins.

Claire arrived in September as Enterprise Study’s Product Evangelist, and has come to the company from Southern Health NHSFT, which provides community health, specialist mental health, and learning disability services for people across the south of England. In her previous role running an administrative team within Southern Health NHSFT, managing staff training for 9,000 people across 200 sites, Claire became an expert user in ES systems. Her enthusiasm for technology and its ability to improve processes will provide a valuable bridge between customers seeking guidance and advice while using the training systems and ES’s innovative and technical development teams striving for excellence within the product.

Alana started at Enterprise Study in October as Marketing Manager. Having previously worked for Kaplan Altior, a legal training provider based in Cardiff, she too has experience working within a professional training context, and understands how effective training management administration systems can improve the provision and experience of training. Alana is responsible for developing marketing strategies and tactics that drive growth. Alana will work with Shona Fletcher, Managing Director, and Mark Baldwin, Head of Sales and Marketing, to develop Enterprise Study’s brand and messaging.

Shona Fletcher, Managing Director states “I’m delighted to welcome Alana and Claire to the ES team. They bring a wealth of experience and customer focus that will help drive growth and continue to innovate. Alana’s background in Creative Industries will bring fresh ideas to our market and help us differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Claire’s user experience and deep knowledge of our product range provides customers with help and support in using the vast functionality of our software in the most appropriate way for their organisations and learning strategies. It’s very exciting times for Enterprise Study!”

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The goal of Enterprise Study is to make it easy for buyers and sellers of training to transact in harmony, in a cost effective way. We continually innovate, whilst already delivering a powerful suite of learning, compliance and talent management tools to support organisations of all sizes.