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Enterprise Study recently released a new product called the Verifications and Policy Manager, I know… It doesn’t exactly sound as sexy or fun like the TinCan API or Virtual learning… It may not pull in the crowds like Gamification or the Performance management elements, but it’s extremely exciting and this is why…

We’re all constantly exposed to terms and conditions, whether it’s downloading new software, opening accounts, buying a house, having a prenup ;-) but when it comes to actually reading them, many of us just like to scan…tick the ‘no marketing’ box and move on with our merry lives. In the workplace we hope that our colleagues and team members not only read internal policies in more depth but actually UNDERSTAND them – After all, it only takes one person to go against the Information Security policy, send an un-encrypted file and suddenly we have a legal case on our hands!!

The Verifications and Policy Management Tool for me is particularly exciting because it doesn’t matter what organisation you are, whether you’re using the system for the TAS (Training Admin System) platform or if you’re an internal L&D department using eLMS, verifications will work, and more importantly, be relevant to your sector.

We’ve already got a client who’ll be using it for compliance around driving licenses checking to see if delegates have a clean license and medical certificate before attending a training course, and another client using it as a Terms and Conditions pre-requisite before taking an eLearning course. The module can be used in many ways, some of these I’ve listed at the bottom of the page.

The Dashboard itself is really friendly and visually appealing…

It links with the compliance manager to provide the usual red, amber & green notification on skills, as well as sending the expiry emails when the renewal window opens – this is particularly good if you have verifications in the area of physical observation such as taking blood for example.

Editing of the Verification is controlled on 1 screen:

It enables the administrator to set up some advisory text as well as controlling the content of the various emails (using the normal mail merge tags). Approval and authorisation is built in, this could allow a line manager or project approver to sign off the physical activity or ‘rubber stamp’ the fact that they’ve seen a signed copy of the policy for example.

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to include an assessment, that’s great for testing the individual’s knowledge by a defined list of mandatory or randomised questions. (See, they can’t just tick that ‘no marketing’ box now!)

Supporting evidence such as certificates, signed copies or scanned documents can also be uploaded, we’ve given clients a huge file size of 50MB per file! There’s also the ability to make the supporting evidence mandatory or optional.

Access to the verifications and policies are through the normal product search route…

You’ll see your introductory text, the document to be read and the confirmation and authorisation screen, only when the password is entered by the individual will the optional assessment screen start.

We’ve tried to think of everything with this product, and these are a few sector specific examples where the product might suit you…

Within the Healthcare sector:

  • Policy & Procedure Management.
  • Confirmation and proof of training pre-requisites.
  • Previous certifications/qualifications.
  • Approving and verifying physical assessments.
  • CPD relevance sign-off.
  • Changes in legislation that staff need to be aware of.
  • Staff inductions.

For Training Companies (most of the above) but also:

  • Proof of pre-requisites for training
  • Proof of certifications/qualifications.
  • Internal Policy and procedure management – for ISO or any other audited process.
  • Internal Staff inductions.

For the Legal Sector (Most of the above) but also

  • Legislative changes.
  • Certificate /Qualifications.
  • CPD Authorisation.

Public Sector

  • Contractor approval.
  • Eligibility management.

We’d love to show you the product, please get in touch and we’ll arrange a demonstration, don’t worry, we won’t make you sign up to any T’s and C’s!

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