Passporting NHS Staff details : Now Available to NHS Customers

Interoperability and compatibility of data from one platform to another is an ongoing issue in many industries, and especially within the NHS. The transition of staff and the passporting of NHS staff details from one Trust to another can cause administrative overhead and manual data entry, all of which lead to mistakes and unnecessary cost.

Enterprise Study are now delighted to announce that The Enterprise Study LMS is now able to “passport” staff learning and compliance data from other Trusts directly into the ES LMS at the press of a button – regardless of the LMS platform used by the previous Employer.

Whether the Trust uses old OLM or the new IBM LMS, our platform can easily passport the data to our LMS once the Trust has been provided the employee datafile from OLM.

For our current NHS LMS customers this is an innovative feature and one that they are delighted to make use of. It demonstrates Enterprise Study’s commitment to our healthcare customers and easing unnecessary admin overhead within the sector.

If you are an NHS Trust and are looking for an LMS solution that can manage passporting new employee training data please call us to talk through how we can assist.

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