Outstanding CQC results

We’ve been delighted to congratulate two of our clients (St. Luke’s, Plymouth and Heart of Kent Hospice) on their CQC inspections – and the resulting ‘outstanding’ ratings each organisation was awarded.

The CQC inspection is centred around five key areas: safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness, and whether an organisation is well led. Investigating these areas allows the CQC to evaluate how well the needs of patients or service users are being met by an organisation.

The resulting rating range from Inadequate, through Requires Improvement, to Good, and finally Outstanding. An outstanding rating is defined as one which is performing exceptionally well. The ratings are applied to each of the key questions, and also as an overall rating.

According to the CQC’s 2016 annual report, the number of organisations rated as good is at a healthy level. An outstanding rating is rarer. For two of our clients to be awarded this coveted rating is worth celebrating – it illustrates that in every way they could, they are excelling in providing the very best for their patients.

At a time when care provision is under constant scrutiny, both in the media, from patients and service users, and from its own regulatory bodies, it is immensely reassuring that organisations are being awarded outstanding ratings.

Read our short case study below about how St. Luke’s Hospice, Plymouth went about acknowledging an area in their organisational structure which could be improved (the way they managed all types of training for all types of staff), and the steps they took to address the situation. In particular, the attention they paid to this area of their provision was cited in the CQC report as "exceptional".


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