Managing employee relations

Building and maintaining healthy employee relations is essential for any business that strives to be successful. Happy employees are more confident, productive and effective, and a stronger employee relationship leads to better morale and job satisfaction. Companies that nurture and successfully manage employee relations enhance an employee’s motivation to be creative. This encourages a culture of innovative thinkers and cultivates growth.

Promoting a workplace that endorses a solid employee relationship can be achieved in the following 5 ways:

1/ Share your vision

The goals and objectives of a company should be clearly communicated with all employees, as this allows everyone to work towards the same vision and drive the company forward. Sharing the company’s vision also means that employee opinions/feedback are taken on board. When an employee feels as though their input is highly regarded, this enhances their determination to further excel. Consider conducting a monthly team-brief to update on the company’s short-term goals, as well as its future aspirations, and openly encourage ideas and suggestions.

2/ Embrace equality

Equality promotes a fair working environment. It creates an atmosphere in which employees feel relaxed and comfortable, knowing that they are commended and promoted based on their efforts and goal achievements. When employees feel a genuine sense of equality they are more likely to be productive and work harder. Ensure diversity and equality policies and procedures are in place to help embed this into the culture.

3/ Motivate employees

Motivating employees is fundamental in boosting overall productivity and achieving goals. Providing incentives and rewards schemes for people who go above and beyond can help to make such employees feel very valued. Also, encourage open, positive discussions throughout the organisation and regularly thank staff and teams for their contribution towards hitting their targets. Make sure that career development opportunities are open to everybody and that training and development is easy to access. An effective appraisal process should be in place to ensure that people are supported and developed.

4/ Lead by example

A successful employer is one that drives their employees to achieve results, reach targets and demands excellence. Leaders should set the example and tone for the rest of the business.

5/ Employees have a voice

Allow employees to feed their ideas or concerns back up to management through the appropriate channels. This can be done through methods such as via team meetings or suggestions boxes. Some organisations have a trade union presence, or employee representatives – always ensure that these personnel are involved in any change management or key decision-making of the business. Letting employees be represented and involved in such meetings and forums will ensure that they take far more ownership of the business.

Adopting these 5 steps effectively will enhance your employee relationships in the workplace. This in turn reels in new business opportunities, improves customer relations and attracts new clients. A dynamic work culture is crucial for the growing success

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