Managed Learning Services – a new string to your bow?

Managed Learning Services – the conversation

We’ve been talking about Managed Learning Services a lot lately at Enterprise Study. To us, they represent a solid opportunity for our clients to develop and expand their offering, and for us to support them in their objectives to do that.

What’s the deal with Managed Learning Services?

Offering a managed learning service means you can provide an invaluable combination of service to your clients – by taking on the complicated and fiddly business of managing the administrative and overhead burdens for training, you can free up time to work with them on strategy and building business objectives. Together, you can work to align organisational goals with all elements HR, recruitment, talent and L&D frameworks. Utilise better evaluation techniques, across more accurate data, to offer more valuable training advice to your clients. Schedule their training requirements, access data to tailor future training, and provide more valuable post-training analysis. Building relationships with your clients in this way places you in a strong position to maintain those relationships well into the future: by offering economy, strategic planning, and aligning strategy to objectives, you’ll gain precious ground as a favoured supplier.

Making Managed Learning Services work for you

In order to offer MLS effectively so that it promotes profits and efficiency for your organisation, it’s crucial that your systems, processes and knowledge are all as sharp as possible. You’ll probably already be aware that taking on these tasks increases the strain on your own resources. If offering an MLS is to be profitable for you, it’s imperative that you understand the best way to operate the service, and have a robust infrastucture in place to ensure that your profits increase and your personnel manage the increased workflow efficiently. It is also imperative that you pitch your level of MLS correctly so that you are able to offer the right tier of service to clients. MLS offerings normally work in a three tier model – from administrative, to tactical, to strategic. You’ll need to consider what level clients are at already, so that you can pitch your offering appropriately.

For advice on how best to plan out offering an MLS, read our new short guide on how to make them work for you, and for your customers. The guide considers the essential elements you’ll need to take into account as you start to plan out offering Managed Learning Services.

Click below for the guide

Tips for Managed Learning Services PDF Guide

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