Leeds College

Leeds City College (LCC) is dedicated to transforming learning from the inside out. From the merger of three colleges in 2009, a fourth in 2011, the addition of Leeds College of Music to the group, to the latest Ofsted assessment conducted in May 2012, LCC has worked hard to improve the quality of its teaching, learning and assessment as well as centralising information related to the CPD of its workforce.

Compliance Management

Certain disciplines, such as Student Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity and Health & Safety, are mandatory for all staff to complete. So keeping on top of who is up to date with training is vital. ES Elms enables an expiry time to be set and automated reminders sent to individuals and managers, so that training is kept up to date. The traffic light system enables individuals to easily view their compliance status.

Creating CPD Programmes

ES elMS provides LCC the tools to create individual CPD records for staff. Individuals can access and update their own records, record their reflections and see how many hours they have accrued. This provides the OD& HR team a central system in which to view the CPD undertaken around the College, evaluate it and provide advice to managers and staff on different ways in which they can further support their individual learning.

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