Is Extended Enterprise training the answer to helping your suppliers to meet your internal standards and ethics?

No business operates in complete isolation – to a certain extent, all rely on various networks and partner relationships to grow and develop. Training your Extended Enterprise can certainly make life easier when it comes to day-to-day business relationships. However, it could also go much further, ensuring that the suppliers and partners that you work with are on the same page as you on key issues such as quality and ethics.

How does Extended Enterprise training work?

It is a simple and effective way to extend the principles and culture of your business to those outside it but who you work with on a regular basis. Because relationships extend beyond the boundaries of a single organisation – via links with customers, suppliers and partners – so too do certain responsibilities. Knowledge sharing and learning with those who make up these extended networks can do much to contribute towards customer satisfaction and the growth of the organisation. The stronger the partners you have and the relationships that you have with them, the stronger your business will be.

Your internal standards and ethics

Choosing partners and business relationships involves many factors but internal standards and ethics may not be a priority at first. However, for most businesses both of these soon become crucial to ongoing success and may also form a key part of the business culture. Rather than starting again with new suppliers or going through a difficult period of miscommunication, Extended Enterprise training lays out very simply and clearly the standards you’ve built your business on and the ethics that you have. It will enable you to:

  • Deliver key information directly to your Extended Enterprise
  • Track compliance with various company processes
  • Create a like minded community from the relationships you have nurtured so far
  • Minimise confusion over expectations and ethics

What else could Extended Enterprise training do?

This type of training works to align your interests and objectives with those whom you are working the closest with. There are various positive knock on effects to this which could help your business to generate more from an investment in Extended Enterprise training. These include the reduction of support costs and being able to ensure that your products and services get maximum utilisation. You will also gain a lot more business intelligence about your various networks and be able to track data for additional insights.

How can you start to use Extended Enterprise training?

Work with us and it’s very simple to get started with Extended Enterprise training. Our software is designed to make it very simple to start rolling out this kind of programme, with automated updates and user self service. The wealth of different administration features allow you to create the right kind of training for your own business and Extended Enterprise. Plus, there is support for all kinds of different learning options, from video learning, to virtual classroom learning.

For more information about training for the Extended Enterprise get in touch with Enterprise Study today.

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