Introducing LearningNetwork: What you need to know

A centralised system for booking public courses – that is easily integrated with an existing LMS – is an ideal solution to the challenges that many organisations face when it comes to the booking element of learning administration. That’s why LearningNetwork is a good looking solution for any enterprise keen to find a better way to manage course booking that allows for user self-service while also delivering some degree of control – and that, crucially, saves a lot of time.

What is LearningNetwork?

The LearningNetwork is an ecommerce technology platform that has been designed to help enable better learning, both in terms of administration and also user experience. It has a number of key features:

  • Management of approved learning partners. The platform is a simple way to provide users with a consolidated view of options from the course catalogues from approved vendors.
  • Administrator curation. The way that LearningNetwork has been designed enables only those chosen courses and providers to appear within the system. The right courses are presented to the right people within your organisation.
  • Easy procurement. A centralised self-service booking process makes it easy to take the next steps when it comes to procurement.
  • Easy administration. Courses can be simply added to the platform and if a decision is made not to procure from a specific vendor they are removed in just a few simple steps.
  • An automated procurement channel. LearningNetwork is designed to make procurement very simple and straightforward. Agreed payment, cancellation and discount features are factored in to the system and internal authorisation processes are supported.

What are the benefits of using LearningNetwork?

The platform has been designed as an evolution of the way that learning is managed and one that enables organisations to facilitate easy integration and simplify procurement processes. There are a number of key benefits to note in working with the LearningNetwork platform, including:

  • A more efficient process. LearningNetwork simplifies the way that procurement is managed with all discounts factored in and no need to call suppliers to check details or availability.
  • Cost effective. The automation element of LearningNetwork means that overheads are reduced and time spent managing the process can be minimised.
  • Ensuring control over suppliers. The system is designed to ensure that only authorised suppliers are used and also that any agreed financial benefits with those suppliers are fully utilised.
  • The option to evaluate. The LearningNetwork platform includes an evaluation feature which can be applied across all bookings and suppliers and is not limited to specific courses.
  • Providing a degree of control. With LearningNetwork there is more control, right down to the individual courses with each supplier.
  • The platform enables a clear and transparent audit trail.
  • Measuring and analysing progress. The LearningNetwork evaluation feature can also be used to show improvement analysis and to dig down into knowledge retention.

From boosting productivity thanks to automated tasks, to making it easier to administer and control the courses and suppliers that you use, there are many benefits to the LearningNetwork platform. It could revolutionise the learning management approach at your organisation.

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