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I love things that make me efficient. Two huge technological milestones in my life were the invention of the SatNav (I lived in deepest darkest Herefordshire, I think without this I may never have left or when I did, I think I’d still struggle to find my way back there!) and the iPhone, I have an app for everything, grocery shopping, currency conversion, language translation, banking, you name it!

At work, I love my CRM system with built in reminders, my outlook diary and the synchronisation between technologies. For me, Automation is key in pretty much everything I do, it’s saved me effort, headaches and keeps me focussed on the things that matter, clients and developing new relationships.

When I meet with new training providers, it sometimes surprises me that some aren’t doing the basics, I’m not talking about online evaluations, web integration or online procurement, I’m talking about Instructor scheduling as well as marking attendance, automating Joining Instructions, Certificates etc.

It didn’t surprise me that Southern Health NHS Trust in 2014 saved £750,000 on automating manual processes, reducing travel expenses and making instructors login to update competence and attendance. Facilitated by the Enterprise Study LMS!

ES has always had the ability for instructors to login, not only can they see what they are teaching, they can also see any dietary requirements or disability of learners…this is really valuable information. A basic instructor view is detailed below…

Instructor Homepage

Each instructor has the ability to view their list of delegates, they also have the ability to update delegate’s attendance post event, saving the need for the sign in sheet and competence status (passing exams/assessments)

Instructors are inquisitive creatures, and this is why we only allow them permissions to see the bits of the system that you want them to and nothing that’s sensitive or not relevant to them.

Our clients also use the system to store travel and hotel information, tracking expenses, trainer notes – it becomes a hub, not just for attendees of training but the delivery of the course too.

Trainers tend to love the fact they can update the attendance, whilst in the classroom and on their smartphones, this saves them doing the usual, scanning in the sign in forms or throwing them away, along with their travel itineraries post event.


Providing a time saving system shouldn’t just be about customers and delegates, it also needs to help your own staff and make them more efficient – this all goes towards increasing your financial return.

A training administration system might not have helped me to get back to rural Herefordshire all those years ago, but at least it’ll tell instructors where the training venues are now without needing to go on an orienteering course to find their way!

If you would like more information on how the training administration system can make you even more efficient, get in touch or 01242 254 254

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