How could your LMS system make compliance training easier?

Compliance training is a key area within different industries, alongside data management which infiltrates all sectors. Compliance is important because it can be legally enforced, meaning that companies face financial penalties and legal issues if they fail to meet regulations. This means that training within this area is often mandatory for organisations, so most companies are looking for this training as a service.

Compliance course content

Compliance courses often consist of text, video elements, audio, combined with written and risk assessments, which can flag up issues across different situations that could be faced. Generally, the mandatory course completion time is within one month for new employees doing a compliance course, which can be refreshed every year or few years depending on the specific sector regulations and requirements. This means that there is always an ongoing demand for compliance training, to ensure that employees are up-to-date with the latest details and processes.

Why does LMS make compliance courses easier?

LMS features make the management of course content much easier, whilst learners can track the delivery and completion of the course to ensure that they cover all of the material that they need to. They can engage directly with training, and as the provider of the training, you can save money and guarantee a higher completion rate through giving control of the process over to the learners. Here are some ways that this is done:

Intuitive delivery of courses and assessments

An LMS provides a reliable and intuitive platform that gives each learner access to their own course content. At the same time, assessments can be carried out and employee concerns can be fed back through the platform about any additional concerns to those covered throughout the course. A LMS allows access to media-rich content and a few, including Enterprise Study LMS, enable the analysis of learning through xAPI content, transforming elearning experiences and results.

Reporting capabilities and recertification

Reporting capabilities also make compliance training easier as reports are generated using completion (due) dates, as well as refresher periods. Alongside this, internal compliance reporting can be automated to reduce administration and the manual workload. Learners can also be re-enrolled, or new employees enrolled on the same course easily, or enrolled onto follow-up courses at the click of a button. This is useful for companies wanting to ensure consistency in compliance throughout their company, whilst also making it easy to choose a trusted provider for the completion of this learning.

Reminders and notifications assist learners

Your LMS can also notify learners of impending deadlines, due dates and add reminders according to their preferences. This can prove to be a central part of the final course completion, helping learners to complete the course a pace that suits them, but ensuring it is within the given time. Specific deadlines can be set internally by your company and automatically applied to any new employees enrolling on the same course, with preferences being remembered each time.

These are just a few ways that your LMS can make compliance training easier, but if you would like to find out more, give Enterprise Study a call today on 01242 254 254 to speak with one of our team.

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